Friday, November 19, 2010

Beach Love - Back in time

Well shoot.  I was trying to schedule this for the AM and hit post by accident.  lol.

As you are reading this, we are toodling along on our way North to pick up my mama in Portland and then head to the Southern Washington coast for our annual winter gathering.

This gathering started as a way to get all 4 kids together with my mama for Christmas, and it's become a fun tradition our family looks forward to every year.

Thinking about it inspired me to look through my digital archives and I wanted to share some of our beach history.


My baby!  Morgan was 10.5 months old here.  She took her first real steps in the rental house.

We stayed on the Northern Oregon Coast this year. 


We were in Twin Rocks this year (would you have figured that out with this photo?  heee).  I was about 20 weeks pregnant with Payton.  Morgan was such a ham.


Oh my.  Payton was about 6 months old and barely sitting up on her own, if I remember right, and my chipmunk cheeked girl was 2.5. 

I could have another baby right now.  Look at her...  oh dear.

We were in Lincoln City that year.  I liked this house and the beach was nice too. 


This year was a bit of a bummer.  There was a huge storm and flooding so we didn't have access to the beach that year.  We had no power at the beach house either (we were going to go back to that Lincoln City house), so everyone came to Bend and we stayed at Steve's parent's house.  It's big enough and they were out of town.  We still had a great time even though a couple of us didn't have to travel very far.


We were back at the beach this year.  Oregon Coast.  This was the year of the gingerbread house.  My sister Alyca was able to coordinate 4 kids 4 and under to make a gingerbread house and they had a blast.

It was also super super cold that year and the kids didn't believe we were at the beach because the house was a block or so from the beach.  So we bundled them up and took them down there, spending approximately 10 minutes before we all turned to popsicles and headed back to the house.  But we had our proof!


Last year we tried something new and went to the Southern Washington coast.  The weather was nice and we had a great time.  This was the year that Lilly joined us.  SO excited to get to hang out with her this year too.

This year we are headed back to Washington to try a different house from the same vacation rental agency.  We just have a big group and need a big space.  I'm looking forward to it!

Note to self:  Wear mascara.  Davinie, you are on vacation, but for pete's sake, there are camera's around.

There is supposed to be some ugly weather on the pass.  I'm not worried as I have my hubby to take care of us, but wish us well!

I will be home on Wednesday but in the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving!  Davinie

P.S.  The deadline for Project 12 was today.  I blame my photo printer.  I really wanted to have something to share. 


  1. Anonymous6:38 PM

    what a treat is was to travel back in time with you.
    A lot of good memories and more to come!
    be safe on the road...
    see you tomorrow.

  2. It was Great to see the Oregon coast online.. I am from Eugene/Springfield, then moved to K/Falls, last to Bend. Spent MANY years in bend, and loved going to the Oregon coast. It's SO fun to just go and hang out there, doing lots,or nothing at all. My mom & Dad still live in North bend. I have moved to Illinois,but miss Oregon and the coatline SO very much. Thank you for sharing it with me. Scott T

  3. looking at those cute mugs makes me want to have another one !~ wait, i've come to my senses. hehe such cute girls.

  4. Well, I think you look cute in the pics anyway! Love this post--so fun to see!