Saturday, November 27, 2010

Metro Love - we are go for launch

It's 9am PST and that means it's time to put your fingers to the keyboard and head to Studio Calico for your kit and add-ons.  Good luck!

My last couple of posts have had sneaks but this morning, I wanted to share the layout I made last night with the November kit.  I was going to move on to other assignments, but I simply can't buy a kit and three add-ons, do 3 layouts and a card, and move on to the next thing.  My stash can't handle it.  I'll post it here....  I'm going to try REALLY hard to only get one add-on with January's kit.  I haven't seen anything yet, have a feeling it'll be hard to do, but seriously.  I'm drowning in product here.

Anyway.....  my layout:

I added purple mist to my butterflies, and the Jett alphas with JBS Stick Candy ink for my stamps.  Flowers and butterflies don't really go with a story about teeth, so I wanted to use the SC number paper and the word 4 to go with the story about the 4 front teeth she lost. 

And as promised, the story.  It's long, but I must document the event:

This summer we went to the Silverwood Theme Park in Couer D'Alene Idaho.  We pulled into the park and were waiting in line to pay to park when we became overwhelmed with the smell of diesel.  Lo and behold, it was our truck, and before we could zip through and pay and get to our parking spot, I'm sure we dropped at least $20 in fuel all over the parking lot (we sincerely apologize to those surrounding us at the time, lol).

Steve stayed with the truck to wait for the tow, and the rest of us headed into the park. 

Fast forward about an hour.

We decided to do the water park first.  It is hard to juggle a lot of people, so I eventually took charge and just left them behind so that my kids could play.  And we were doing exactly that.  Morgan was toodling around a kiddie area with slides and this big bucket of water, and I decided I could get some really fun water shots, so got out of my lawn chair to head back to the lockers to get out my Canon when I heard my name, turned around, and my sweet girl came towards me, crying, blood in her mouth.  I had no idea what happened.  I tagged Grandma to watch Payton, and then took her to the bathroom to clean her up.

Long story short, her upper lip swelled up a couple times it's size, but she wasn't bleeding and no teeth were lost.  Steve finally walked in at about the time I exited the EMT room with Morgan and a bag of ice.

We managed to have fun the rest of the day.  Morgan earns a serious gold star here because she didn't take any kind of medication but she was bonked hard and still managed to play.  It turns out there were two little water slides next to each other and she thought it would be fun to sit between them so that when people went down she'd get splashed.  She was climbing up the slide when someone decided to go down it and accidentally kicked her right in the mouth.  oh my.

The next day her lips were purple and so were her gums, but everything else still seemed fine.

(oh, and our truck had some sort of gasket blow or something, lol.  We had it towed and then split our family between the two cars left (there were exactly 4 seats available, amazingly), and then picked it up at the dealership the day before we headed home to Oregon).

Fast forward to Labor Day weekend.  My family was visiting and my sister Alyca approached me and said she thought one of Morgan's teeth looked gray.  After checking it out I agreed, one did look a tinge dark, so I made a dental appointment and then felt like a heel for not noticing myself.

We went in, the hygenist took some x-rays and said she thought things looked fine, but when the dentist checked them out, he pulled me in and said he could see infection draining outside the two front teeth so he wanted to take them out, because he didn't want any infection affecting the two permanent teeth he could see in the x-ray above them.  And then he said that the two front teeth coming in were rather large, and because they'd push out the two teeth on either side, he wanted to pull all four front teeth.

Insert internal panic attack....

My sweet girl, who has not had so much as a wiggle, must now lose 4 front teeth?  This small child, who was pulled out of school after lunch and fully expected to waltz back to class before school was over and then take the bus home?

I immediately phoned Steve in a panic, but after discussing things more we decided to go through with it.

Morgan didn't know what was going on.... and they didn't tell her.  But while she didn't know the specifics, she certainly knew *something* was going on, and I swear to pete, I seriously had to contain myself.  I was so nervous and scared for her.  She looked so small on that chair and I have a lineup of scary stories from when I went through dental and orthodontia work as a child.  I think I had 8 teeth removed over time.  I know I seem melodramatic here but no mama likes to see her baby in pain. 

They used the gas but she was getting nervous and started crying but was breathing through her mouth which made me scared she wasn't going to get enough meds.  I held her hand and was rubbing her palms but then I was worried she'd know I was worried.  It was a nightmare, lol.  I left the room and went to the bathroom 3 times, I think.  I facebooked a couple of times, trying to distract myself. 

Dentists have changed so much though.  She had no idea she got a shot.  She never saw a needle.  And later, while she'd say she wanted to go home, wanted him to stop, etc etc, the dentist always looked over to me and pointed out that while she was saying these things, she wasn't actually fighting him, because her arms and legs were both relaxed.

When we finally revealed that she'd just had 4 teeth removed and handed her the two little plastic treasure chests (because they were so big that they didn't fit in just one, for pete's sake!), she was really excited.

Mom immediately took her to the store for the unicorn Pillow Pet she'd been coveting, lol.  I felt so bad.  And then we called school and told them she wasn't going to be back.  ha!

So there.  I have a great story on the tooth fairy too, it was like scrapbooker heaven, but I am still trying to locate all the memorabilia for that one.  Oh, the letters.  And the card....  oh my.  Wait until you see.

And that's it!  I'll be back tonight with more layouts!  Davinie


  1. Oh my gosh...what a heart wrenching story!!! I felt every single mommy tug as I read this. Your poor little sweet pea and what a trooper, wait, troopers! Big mommy points...

    And how lucky were you guys that all things worked out with your truck? My husband had a huge diesel problem on the way to Wyoming last year. Bad diesel at a truckstop... in Colorado and his truck stopped dead on the highway at night in a snow storm. He was alone...He had quite the adventure with mechanics, rental cars, having to get to Wyoming, etc etc!
    His truck is all better now!

  2. That story actually brought a tear to my eye,i think as lucy is 4 and will soon be appraoching the time when her teeth come out etc. it also reminded me of when i was 5 and i had gas, i can still to this day 28 years on remember the convo the dentist and his assistant were having, they were talking about a book his wife was reading lol. anyway i wonder if i was talking too lol, i didnt think of that, i must ask my mum though i think she waited outside. was a nightmare though as the dentist removed the wrong tooth which was my adult tooth, i had to wait a week befor e he removed the proper one, and i then had to get a brace to pull teeth round to cover the gao of the adult tooth. i had a terrible dentist lol and lucky i have an amazing one now that lucy will have

  3. Oh my goodness... that is just too much for a mummy too handle! I think I would be in tears, I'd have to leave the room. But then I'd feel bad about that! I was waiting to hear this story from you but I didn't think it would bring a little tear to my eye :(

  4. Oh the poor girl! I had bad memories of the dentist too when I was young, but boy they are much better these days! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

  5. Sarah H.8:57 PM

    Oh...that story was so touching. Love the way you told it, too. I would have been worried sick, too, if I had been in your shoes. My kids both are late teethers, so they've been a bit older than most when they lose teeth. I can't imagine her sitting in those huge dentist chairs getting 4 teeth pulled...way to go to both of you! What a brave girl you must have!

  6. Oh, poor thing. I am STILL terrified of the dentist as an adult!

  7. Oh my - sounds like quite the ordeal! I swear medical issues are THE scariest! And heck, when the orthodontist told me all that Tay needed to endure to get through her braces, I couldn't breathe. I cried over and over. But kids are more resilient than mommas sometimes! :)

  8. love them all, but Polar Express is just AWESO<E. every little bit on it is perfect. =)