Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, all my blog land friends!  I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with friends and family, and that your days are filled with fun memories to cherish.

I'm taking time for my hubby and my kiddos, reflecting on 2010, and making plans for how I envision 2011, so that I'm all set to make that resolution on 12/31 and actually follow through with it.  Things on my list so far:

  • Train and run a half marathon (maybe 2!)
  • Register for school
  • organize my craft space to be family friendly
  • organize my to do list and actually make a to do list and follow through with a to do list
  • menu planning
  • make the quilts for the girls' room
  • make a quilt for the master bedroom
  • follow a pattern I found on ravelry and knit something besides a scarf
  • repaint the upstairs
  • Project 12
I have a lot of things to think about and prioritize.  I'm trying to do my best to make this my best life and haven't felt like I've been doing my job on that front for a long while.  It's time to make a change. 

Enjoy your weekend!  Davinie


  1. Merry Christmas to you as well!

    I have a similar list for 2011 although since I haven't 'moved' my rear for quite sometime, I'm settling on a 5 mile run!!


  2. Anonymous12:50 AM

    As I am reading your list it's like i could be reading my own list. There are so many things I need to change in 2011 and in fact that is my One Little Word "Change". All the best of luck with your list next year Davinie :)

  3. Good for you for taking the time to make changes that will improve your life. I bet it will be a great year:)

  4. I need to adopt some of the things on your list! I LOVE lists. They help me get so much done. Happy New Year!