Saturday, January 01, 2011

Project 12, 2011 (and December in January)

Hello my friends!

January 1 marks the 3rd year in the Project 12 challenge.  Woot!  I am so excited about the longevity of this challenge, the participation, and sketches from Becky Fleck.  Hooray!
The great news is that this challenge will carry on, and Becky has created a whole new set of sketches that will stretch your creative brain this year.  So much FUN ahead!

If you are new to the challenge, I have added a tab at the top of my blog that will give out all the details on participating, and where to post if you want to enter for a monthly prize.  My Project 12 button will also link to that tab page, where I will keep links updated so you will know where to link your projects at the appropriate time.  Clear as mud?

Take this challenge to your local scrapbook store.  Make it a monthly crop!  At the many events that Scrapbook and Cards Today magazine has attended, there has continuously been buzz about local scrapbook stores taking this challenge and creating a way to bring customers together in their stores.  I am a huge fan of this idea!  So go forth, and craft!  hahaha.

For those who have been participating in 2010, our year is not over.  This is the post where I will highlight some favorite layouts and ideas submitted since the last challenge, and share the next sketch.  Right now, we are talking about layouts created in December that highlight the month of November.  Does that make sense?  You can't talk about your life until you have actually lived it.  And then I've given 20 days to create a layout about it.

A big change for 2011 is an extension of the deadline, from the 20th to the 28th.  This was made to make it easier for SCT and their blog posting the prizes too.  More time to procraftinate, I say!  :)

With all this said, first, some favorite layouts:

Shelly J

::sigh::  someday I hope to be as good as Shelly with the two page layouts.  LOVE.  Two things to note here.  That title work.  I'm going to be more creative with my titles in 2011 and not stick to one idea, and I'm absolutely using this title idea for one of my layouts.  Love it to bits.

Another thing about Shelly's work that has always inspired me is that in 2010, she has been documenting 2008, I think.  This is a great way to go back in time and summarize things before the memories are lost.  2006 was that year for me.  It's really hard to get anything done when you have little bitty babies, and I had Morgan, 2, and new Payton.  I need to go back to that year. 

LOVE the use of the Restoration line from Crate on this one from Stephanie

I love love love the way the doilies were used on this one in the white space.  I am doing this myself.  Such pretty detail.


Okay, this one is full of details I am currently obsessing over.  I get excited when Jennifer participates because I adore every little thing she does to her layouts.  The zig zag stitching around the perimeter is divinte.  Those leaves that are stitched on there... heavenly.  And Lily Bee!  Now I know what to do with those 12x12 rubons sheets from Lily Bee.  It looks so great here!  I love the punch of color with the orange on the right with the dark and textured green ribbon on the left.  I also love her use of extra photos on this one.  I had to include it!

The last one I wanted to share is Jen's

She called it "rushed" and "simple" but those tickets, hearts, and clouds have my heart.  Such a simple and easy detail that just pop off the page and are perfect along her journaling column in the right side where you have the least amount of photos.  I Love this!

I hope you are inspired by the the little details I shared today.

You should know that I read every comment and go to every link that is posted on my challenge post.  If you don't see a comment from me, that means I wasn't able to leave one.  Linking from a gallery at another site is totally fine, but if I don't have membership, I can't leave a comment.  But one of the goals for myself in hosting this challenge is to take a peek at everything I've been linked to, and I hope to keep doing that.

For those who are still working on 2010, here is the sketch that Becky created for December, if you'd like to use it:

Lots of photos on this one.  Looks like fun!

If you are just starting the challenge, here's a peek at the January sketch for 2011 (which will be made in February and linked to my February blog post by February 28)  Take a peek at this sketch and if you'd like to use it, think about it as you take photos of your life this month:

There are some fun details here!  I'm digging the idea of border punches on one side.  I definitely like that part the best.

I have seen all the sketches for 2011 and think we are going to have a lot of fun this year!  I hope you will make time to play along! 

As always, link your layouts to this thread.  This time, by the 28th.  On the first of the month I'll post the next challenge, and there will be a link on my Project 12 tab for SCT and the prize winners.  There is always a winner chosen from participants on my blog, so be sure to check out the SCT blog posts to see if it's you. 


  1. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!!
    I've enjoyed this project so much this past year and am STOKED that Becky's back for another year! I've already started the base for my Dec 2010 layout - all I need is pics, journalling and some bling! Can't wait!
    Thanks Davinie!

  2. So Much to say...
    1. Happy New Year to you and Your Family.
    2. I feel so honored everytime I see my LO's mentioned...truly. Thank you.
    3. I am soo excited to do this challenge again in 2011. I just bought the cutest month tags. Can't wait!!!

  3. I am so excited that this project is continuing! I'm busy creating my Nov & Dec collages as I type and plan to get busy this weekend! :)

  4. Margy Eastman8:45 PM

    What a fun challenge! Here's December - I deviated a little from the sketch and gave into my love for the grid. Happy New Year!

  5. Davinie, I think this is such a manageable way to document the year! I love the idea of going back and documenting a previous year on the same schedule with the challenges to stay motivated!non

  6. Thanks so much for hosting this again! I saw my sister do the Project 12 last year and I didn't do it with her but this year I want to join in. Awesome pages!

  7. Thank you for saying such nice things about my page--it's been such a pleasure for me to participate, and I thank you for listing this challenge. What a terrific way to get us to look at our lives regularly and make meaning of them. I look forward to participating again!

  8. Mary (Happy Now)6:48 PM

    Something new for this, month #12 of the challenge: b&w photos with BUSY patterned paper. Thanks so much for all your efforts this year! Year #1 (for me), down!

  9. I'm still catching up - just finished my October 2010 page, and I used the December sketch...

    As always, thanks for the inspiration Davinie!

  10. This is my Dec. 2010 layout completed. Looking forward to 2011.

  11. My 11th installment, November, is complete!

  12. Dav, this is going to be my first year playing along and I am super excited! :) I just feel so blessed to be able to have this hobby and participate in fun projects like this. Thanks for hosting this! Can't wait to play along! :)

  13. Hi again Davinie! I finished my November layout!

    Now, to work on December!

  14. I have so enjoyed this year of sketchs, and proud of myself that I actually finished off the whole 12 months. Great program and looking forward to the next 12. Here is my December LO

  15. Thank you for mentioning my layout in your post-wow!! I am honored to say the least. 2010 was my 1st year playing along & I have adored Project 12 & look forward to the new sketches each month! I am so excited to get started on P12 for 2011 also!!! It is such a fabulous idea! Thanks for all that you do to keep so many of us inspired!!!!

  16. EEEK! I'm all caught up! I posted my December layout on my blog along with a recap of the whole year...

    Thanks for the inspiration Davinie! I'm with ya for 2011!

  17. And the last one! Thanks again for hosting this fun challenge!

  18. I finished this one well ahead of schedule! I am so happy!! LOL!

  19. I forgot to leave a link to my December layout. You can find it here:

  20. JeninAD10:36 PM

    I've looked at your gallery on SC many times, but this is the first time I've visited your blog and I'm very happy to find out about Project 12. I'm a big Becky Fleck fan, so it seems like a great project to start, and also very manageable. Thanks so much, and I've now added your blog to my favourites!

  21. Ok - DONE and all caught up! Woohoo!
    November 2010
    and December 2010

  22. This is such a great project, so happy it's continuing in 2011!

    Here's my December layout.

  23. I can't believe I finished Project 12 for 2010! I'm looking forward to 2011!

    Here's my December:

  24. Yay - back on time with December's spread - shame I have to go back and complete November and October to get a full set!
    Thanks for a great year.
    Here's December on my blog and on UKScrappers.

  25. Zahra3:54 AM

    I'm so excited that I've managed to get back on time (having been 4 months behind at one point, I started the New Year almost in control!) - I used up entirely Basic Grey for my 2010 year and here' smy December one, thanks so much for the continued inspiration!

  26. Here's my December 2010 LO! I say this every time I post, but really, thank you so much for hosting Project 12! It is simply awesome and I look forward to participating for years to come!

  27. I really love this challenge and sketches too!

    Here's my December layout:

    Good luck everyone!

  28. Here's what I did for December: The design reminds me of a quilt!

  29. I have LOVED Project 12!!! I can't wait to keep going in 2011!!

    Here is my December layout!

  30. Anonymous7:53 AM

    This is a great challenge!
    I started last year by working on the year previous, so 2009 is what I documented. I needed to do that so I wouldn't forget, the moment the sketch is out for the month I work on it.
    This year I'm going to keep going back in time - 2008! It's great to look at all those pictures and remember what life used to be like.
    Here's my take on the January 2011 sketch:

  31. Exciting! I completed Project 12 2010! Thanks for a great challenge.
    Here are my Nov and Dec layouts:

    Now I know it's doable, so can't wait for P12 2011!

  32. Twelve installments of Project 12. A whole year of layouts using the same sketch. I really like this series.
    December was filled with family gatherings, holiday celebrations, and a trip to New York City! We even got to Baltimore and DC before and after the Big apple trip. Woo-hoo!
    Added some sparkly gold stars to brighten this layout--just for fun. Many elements were consisitent each month,

  33. OK! I am posting my December layout on this post.. right???

    Here it goes!

    Thanks so much!!!

  34. YAY!! I actually got one done for 2010 in time to post for the deadline! Here' smy December:
    Looking forward to 2011!

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  36. Here is my December layout. Yay!! I completed all 12!! Thank you soooo much for all the inspiration and encouragement, Davinie!! :):)

  37. Here is my December layout! I am finished one full year, great feeling and awesome to look back at a full year scrapbooked! You can find the photo pic on my blog at I tried to link just the photo, but it did not seem to work.

  38. Here's my Dec. 2010 page:

    Thanks again for hosting this challenge! After doing Project 365 in 2009 (whew!), it was SO nice to document my family's everyday moments and still get reacquainted with my scrapbook supplies. ;)

    Looking forward to P12 - 2011!

  39. I think I left a comment (with a link) in the wrong post - sorry! Here's my December 2010.


  40. Anonymous12:14 PM

    WOOT! All done for 2008 :)
    Here is December:
    Thanks for a great year, Dav!

  41. Yay!!! I did it! I finished the whole year!!
    Thank you SO MUCH for all the inspiration, the fun, the prizes, the shout's been GREAT!! I am so looking forward to next year, too!

  42. I'm new to Project 12 for 2011. I hope I'm posting my January layout at the right place. Thanks for the chance.

  43. Better late than never but I did the WHOLE THING!!! WOOHOO!!!

    Thanks so much!

  44. I have completed January's project 12 Sketch... and can be found on my blog here...

  45. Here is my December 2010 layout:

  46. I posted a whole year of project 12 at two peas. Check it out!


  47. I did it!!!! I completed all 12 of 2010!!! Here is my december :

  48. My December Sketch layout:

  49. Here is my January 2011 LO - hope I am putting it on the right spot!

  50. My January LO.
    Have an awesome week!

  51. I *think* this is the right spot, hope so!

    My January layout:

    Once again, thanks for continuing this project for all of us :)

  52. Here is my January:

  53. Here is my last minute submission!

    Thanks, Davinie -- I really enjoyed doing this!


  54. hi davinie, here is my LO :)
    i know that i am very very late, but i'm glad that i've found this project 12!! i will definitely complete this project 12 this 2011. :)