Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Friday

(Studio Calico blog hop in the last post).

Payton had her Spring Tea yesterday.  I've gone to Spring teas every year the last three years and this was my fourth.  It was the same things... a program, a flower in a vase, a print, a self-portrait, but this one was more special than the rest. 

It's the last one.

No more preschool Spring teas after this.

Is it odd to break out into tears during a school wide singalong of "you are my sunshine?"  Because after they sang the song with sign language, sang "You are my Mommy" and "You are my Daddy" versions, and then the parents were asked to chime in on one last run through, my waterproof mascara almost gave out. 

And then her teacher asked if she could skip Kindergarten and spend another year at preschool, and I wanted to go home and make a baby right then just to drag it out.  heeee. 

Oh my. 

I'm just wondering if this feeling is totally normal?  We are done having kids.  If I had another one there would be more than a 6 year gap!  I can't do that!  We are trying to renovate!  We don't have a bedroom for any more babies!  I don't want to be an old lady before the kids are in public school.  Right?  I just want to know if these feelings are totally normal.  Tell me it is.  :)

Of course *my* kid had the best self-portrait in the class.  Every mama thinks that about their kid, right?  And look at Payton.  She drew herself with the former class pet rat Marshmallow on her shoulder (Marshmallow, may he rest in peace). 

Even Daddy was able to come to this tea.  He came last year too which was wonderful.  I'm so glad he was there to share this with me one last time. 


OH.  A couple of things.  What do you do when you have a recycled bottle decorated with washable paint as a faux vase?  I have had 3 of these and they have never lasted, because inevitably, a small child decides to use it as a REAL vase and the artwork washes off.

You use....  are you ready?  Wait for it, wait for it.....  SUPER SEAL.  Voila!  For Pete's Sake!  A miracle!

We used to sell Super Seal at Studio Calico, but I don't know where you can find it now.  If you have it, though, I found another great use for it.  Preserve kiddo projects!  I am so happy to have figured this out before this gift was damaged.  It's an aerosol protectant sealant spray.  I hope it lasts a long long time.  We still have paper face daffodils here and there around the house. 

And what do you think of Payton's dress?  I got my order from Zulily and am totally happy with the quality of the goods.  This dress has a curdoroy feel to it.  Just love it.  I'm still a weeee bit obsessed with the site.  I think I've ordered 3 times since that first order?  Earlier this week I bought something for ME even.  Board shorts to cover up my lily white tush in the hot summer sun.  heee.  $13.99!  I think there are some great deals and it's nice to have something besides Old Navy and the Children's Place, and Target, and JC Penney, etc., so if you are like me and have limited places to shop, OR are like me and love to browse from home, check out Zulily.  They have daily deals. 

Ooh.  Another great place to shop?  Down East Basics.  I'm sorry, but my small children took any mammary my glands possessed, so I was really excited to get the Spring catalog with some swimming suit options that actually looked like my body type.  I got this top.  I also got this dress, because it's super cute! 

Anyway.....  believe it or not, but with the arctic winds and occasional hailstorm during this Oregon spring, the Fiero clan is headed to the hills to camp our lives away.  Lucky for me, I have a trailer with a generator, so I may or may not be inside it, heater on, music blaring (or maybe it'll just be kids yelling), and a fruity beverage in hand.  All weekend.  Hopefully the sun comes out so I can kick the kids out though.  ha! 

Note to self:  You have two children, but one of them spends a lot of time at this place called school.  Get some photos of Morgan this weekend. 

Enjoy your day!  Davinie


  1. I'm 24, and have a 22-year-old brother, an 11-year-old sister, and a sister that just turned 10 on Tuesday... all from one set of parents, no step- or half-sibs! So 6 years really isn't THAT long... Also, Payton's dress is super cute, as are all the photos :)Have a great weekend!

  2. I will just say this: when you're done, you are DONE. There is no more yearning for another. Bedrooms and PTA and house renovation... all of that can be done with a little in tow. Also, a 6 year age gap is nothing.. Frances' babies are 8 years apart and it is the cutest dang thing EVER to see big brother loving on his little. They will grow up good buddies, and the little guy will always have a trusted one to look up to. How many years apart are you and Jobie? A few....

    Plus I need another niece. So get to it.

  3. I have got to say I had two boys and they where two years apart and I decided at 23 that I did not want anymore babies, and found a Dr. that tied my tubes. Although I thought I would like to have another child at times I'm glad I did not, but I was also a single mother. My boys fathers have never had anything to do with them so I had to do it all on my own.
    My aunt and uncle had 3 children and the last two where 16 years apart and they love it.
    I have also got to say my youngest boy has only been out of the house now for about a year and I am totally lost without my boys, they have been my whole life!

  4. Laurie4:17 AM

    You know, it is perfectly normal to want another son was 10 and my daughter 8 when we had a third, a little boy who is now 3, so I have a teen, a tween and a toddler, it's crazy (today I woke up to a little guy covered in poop, the crib, pillow, but I wouldn't change it for the world, he's a little sweetie pie. Your daughter is too cute, yes the feelings of them growing up is sad sometimes, my son goes to HIGH SCHOOL next year, I can remember his preschool graduation like it was yesterday...enjoy your weekend.

  5. Sweetie - my kids are all spread out, the oldest is 15, the youngest is 6. So for the last fifteen years, I've always been a mom of a small kid - when oldest was 5.5, along came middle, when middle was 4, there was the Little Guy... Last year at the end of preschool I was a MESS. I couldn't believe I was putting that part of my life behind me! It has been my life for so long! What will I do with myself next year when all of them are in full day school (and the next year they'll all be in different schools!ACK!)

    Her dress is ADORABLE.

  6. Ha, from what I hear it's totally normal:) And you have to know how many bedrooms you need, right? Although my sis and I are 12 years apart and get along great....*ha, just kidding!

  7. Jen Thompson3:56 AM

    The first thing I noticed was her pretty dress :) very Spring-y.
    Hope you have a great weekend. And let Payton know to expect something in the mail for her soon *wink wink*

  8. Totally normal! My kids are 5 and 2. I can see life on the other side of babies, but I still think about another one. However, we are already the older parents, so that's the dilemma for us. You guys do make some pretty children!! Love the pictures from the tea!

  9. I have those sad "this will be the last" moments as well but I love where I am in my life and where we are as a family. I also know I make a bigger deal of those moments because I know they are the last. Enjoy them!!