Tuesday, June 21, 2011

crafTuesday - Patriotic rockets, or lanterns, as the case may be.

Summer is here which means Mom is on full entertainment alert.  That means craft time. 
With the 4th of July coming in a few short weeks, I was on the hunt for a patriotic, summer craft to do with the girls, and when I came across this, I knew I had my answer:

I don't know about you, but we hoard our toilet paper rolls for craft purposes, so after going on a hunt around the house, it was easy to come up with the supplies to do this craft at home.

Crepe paper, ribbon, a star craft punch, red, white, and blue jewels, glitter...... and paint. You'll notice I used acrylic paint here, but post craft I gotta tell you, GO BUY SOME POSTER PAINT. Small children and acrylic paint don't mix, lol.

I went with paint because kids love paint.  I went with glitter because my girls are obsessed with glitter.  I went with jewels, because, for pete's sake....  they are obsessed.  And it all started easily enough:

They got three rolls each and started by painting and embellishing all of the rolls before putting it together.  Everything was fine until Morgan started doing this:

And it seemed like there was more glitter than paint.

And then this one got her hands on the giant glitter shaker, and some Elmer's glue:

And she ended up looking like this:

Oh my.  Glitter.

Did you know that the glitter in the jumbo glitter shaker from Walmart has a static quality to it?  And that the flakes are huge?  I do believe I shall be carrying glitter on my person for at least the next month and a half.

This project?  We were at this project for about an hour and a half, so even though I'm going to be carrying glitter on my person for the next month and a half, it was well worth it, because my girls had a great time, and even though our rockets more look more like patriotic lanterns, we had a lot of fun with the process.  The girls did anyway.  I'm still sweeping.  ;)

Give it a try, at your own peril.  Ha!  Davinie


  1. I had to laugh at your last line because it's too true! My girls are "almost" 5 and 3. I haven't been brave enough to craft with glitter with them.
    They turned out really cute! Still not sure I can brave it though! ha!

  2. You know how highly I think of your crafting ideas with children!! another fantastic display of ideas!!

  3. These are JUST adorable!!!!!!! Love it, love it, love it... glitter (shutter) and all!!!

    Your girls did a FAB job!!!

    And, every single bathroom in our house has about 20 empty tp rolls stashed for a special crafty occasion! Just in case, right?

    Love the rocket lanterns!!! Weeeee!

  4. ha! looks like they enjoyed it though!! cool project!

  5. This is fabulous! Look at the fun and mess! ;)

  6. I came here by way of Andi's and am so glad I did! How fun & festive and you've got a cutie there! >

  7. You know what I love Davinie? That you let your girls do it themselves! And leave the projects as they make them:) So awesome!!!

    I've been saving TP Rolls for a project this weekend, especially knowing that I will hear those dreaded words "I'm bored!" Thanks for the awesome idea:)

  8. You are one brave Momma ;) Fantastic project!!!

  9. A friend of mine posted a link on her blog to your project and I must say it is adorable!!!! I have some friend's kids that I may have to wrangle up next year and try this with! Too cute!