Sunday, June 19, 2011

The weekend collective.....and some Studio Calico sneaks.

Happy Father's Day Steve! The sun is out today and I hope you enjoy your special day.  You know we think you are the best and are lucky to have you.

(the night before Elk Season, November 2010)

School is finally out, and if the weather would just turn summer-like, it would feel like summer vacation had begun.  We have already made our first summer visit to the library to pack up on books (Morgan's first choice was a Junie B Jones, Payton was on the hunt for anything with a horse for the subject).  We've also already started getting our hands dirty with summer craft projects, so be on the lookout for CrafTuesday's from here on out.  I have been lax in posting the crafty (well, posting at all, really), but I have a lot on my list to share.

I went to my last board meeting for the preschool this week, and a board retreat to pass the wand to the next Registrar, and of course, I bawled my eyes out.  I adore the teachers we've been so fortunate to have for our girls so much, and will miss this special set of preschool families as our kids branch off to different elementary schools in the area (I know we will keep in touch, and I'll eventually make it to Knit Night!)  But I also know that the tears were mostly for the end of MY preschool experience.  No more babies. We are all the elementary school level now.  bah.

I moved from preschool to elementary, so am now on the PTC as the Family Fun Night Coordinator, so have a lot of fun things up my sleeves including a big crop for National Scrapbook Day in May.  Oh boy.  I hope I can pull that off!  When I first approached the board, the female principal didn't know what the word crop meant.  I've got my work cut out for me.  That said, I'm excited to do what I can to kids the "extras" that they need, and want, to make the most of their elementary school experience.

Summer means keeping organized and having things to do for the kids but also keeping away the lazies.  I don't want my girls to spend all summer in a hammock with a popsicle or in front of the cartoons.  I was pinning (have I mentioned I'm obsessed with Pinterest????), and came across this really great To Do list you can download.  I have already been working on chore lists for my kids to keep their rooms cleaned and offer a little incentive for extra chores for cash this summer.

Aren't they great!?  I just add the chores in Photoshop and then print it out.  I have just started playing with it, but I might also consider laminating a blank chart and just filling it in so that the kids can mark it off with a dry erase marker and we can start over again the next day.  I haven't decided yet.  I don't want it to get messy, but I don't want to waste paper and ink either.

You can get the download and the other chore charts here.

::sigh::  I love Pinterest.  I'm on it every day with my Iphone.  ::sigh::  I love my Iphone too.  Totally worth the investment.  I'm not a huge fan of tweeting though.  Tweeting on my Iphone or Tweeting off the desktop.  Seems to me all my tweeting peeps are East Coast so I'm always 3 hours behind, lol.

I also love Words with Friends AND Hanging with Friends, but alas, am more focused on making words than getting points, so if you are looking to cream someone, look me up.  I am either Davinie or JustDav.  For a good time call.....   lol.

Anyway, I've been crafting too.  I got my July kit from Studio Calico and have been rolling around in paper bits for a few days now.

Here's a couple of sneaks:

I've rearranged a couple of things from this first one post the Sneak show, but this photo here is from add-on 1 product, Knickers, and I think you need to put it on your list for July.  Hello Chevron stamp.  Hello Crate Paper.  Hello blue and gray alphas.  LOOOOOVE this add-on so much.

After creating for the Sneak slide, I throw all of my July purchases together, so this next sneak is a bit of this and a bit of that:

This one is a bit of a tease because it also includes a couple of things that will be in the shop, namely the tape, and it also uses my new favorite circle punch.

The green and the yellow papers are the two SC exclusive papers from this kit.

I will be back soon with more sneaks, as well as more crafty, and a bit of family too.  :)

Have a great day!  Davinie

P.S.  I've seen Studio Calico's summer CHA release.  You are going to LOVE it.


  1. Love your sneaks! LOVE your white zinging too! :)
    Happy Father's Day to Steve too! :)

  2. Sweet pic of your hubby and girls!! Thanks for sharing the Chore list, love the look of it! Can't wait to see the rest of your pages - they already look WONDERFUL!!!!!

  3. Love your sneaks! I think I've finally been convinced to go for Add on #1 :)