Monday, June 27, 2011

Mind the Gap! Studio Calico's July kit

Oh my.  In 1999 I spent my last term in college with a host family in London, England, for 10 weeks.  It's definitely one of the coolest things I've ever done and the July kit from Studio Calico brings back fond memories of my time there.

When you are in the tube station, there's a constant reminder of the loudspeaker to "Mind the gap.  Mind the gap, please"  as the trains pull in and out, as sometimes they don't quite hug the platform and there's a wee gap you must be sure to step over as you board the train.

One of the exclusive Main Kit papers includes an aerial map of London, which inspired the kit name, and because of that, all add-ons went British.

I bought myself a pair of Knickers and some Petrol this month.  :)

And this is what I came up with.  This first one uses mostly Knickers:

These are Instagram pics of my girls just before their Spring dance recitals.  Morgan was in Jazz, Payton in ballet.  They both did so well and I was extremely proud!  I told Payton not to be nervous and she said "Oh, I'm not nervous Mom.  I love dancing."

Morgan was a rockstar too.  A huge hurdle was crossed for her!  I dont' know if she'll sign up again next fall, but she really had a great time.

I stamped the chevron/zig zag stamp on my cloud and then used white zing.  Love. 

I added the 7Gypsies tape, which is my #1 pick for shop items this month. 

This next one is my two pager for the month!  A fun day out in our little fishing boat on the lake.  My girls LOVED the adventure: 

I used my new punch to add fun for thisone.  I punched smaller circles with a Fiskars squeeze punch to layer inside, and then stitched all over it.

That green is SC paper for this month.

The Sass alphas are in Petrol.  Can't get enough of Sassafras!  I swear!  I need a separate account just for these alphas.

I'm really digging the gray in this next layout ( and yes, that punch again!  heeeeee)

I really wanted to do something with the MME tag from the main kit, so put it on this layout with gray SASS alphas!  woot!  (This time they were for the Knickers add-on).

I've been asked about my sewing machine and stitching in circles.  Here's the deal:  I have a Kenmore from Sears that I use for scrapbooking.  I have had it a lOOONg time and haven't ever maintained it or anything.  It's still moving strong.  As far as stitchign in circles, I do not fret.  I just put the foot down, put my foot on the pedal, and keep it moving.  The cirlces aren't perfect, because sometimes the layout gets hung up against the machine, so the circle isn't smooth, but I just keep turning and stitching until I'm finished.  I also try to keep a lot of spacing, my machine is set about 3.5 on spacing.

This last layout was just for fun, just for the memories.  Morgan has a few words that she says "wrong".  Thinger for finger, Renember for remember, Oling instead of only, Aunt Tabean instead of Auntie Bean (my sister), naybe for maybe....  but she sounds so cute and now Payton does it which tells me she listens to her sister, so while I try to correct her sometimes, for the most part, I just let it go and know she'll eventually figure it out.  But I wanted to do a layout about it: 

I stamped the main kit stamp with JBS chewing gum and used a gray pen with my Sass letters and outlined those silly words.

Inspired by the main kit stamp, I used circle punches and made the pattern with paper.  it's a lot like the cathedral quilt pattern, which I did a tutorial on here

Let me know if you have any questions about my work this month!  If June had a few more days before reveal, I would have had more done, as I had grand plans, but with the end of school year commitments, it just got away from me.

Have a great night!  Davinie


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  1. Love your pages this month, Davinie, esp the first layout!

  2. awesome as usual!

  3. These are great! I love all the stitching!

  4. fantastic pages! also in love with 'dancing queens!'

  5. Dancing Queens is such a sweet layout. I love the canvas banner!

  6. I pinned "she's so very sweet" I love, love love how you use that punch and stitch around it. Thanks for answering my question. :)

  7. Love all of your pages, as always!! Love your "words" page and how you stamped Morgan's words on the background and how you mimicked the catherdral stamp with your punched circles. Beautiful!

  8. The LOs are terrific, as always! Love your stitched over circles.

  9. These are all so great, Davinie, love the first one's colors and how the pictures just pop right off the page! Hope you guys are having a good summer! We have 8 days until we go home to see my family - I'm excited! :)

  10. Loved your projects this month, Dav--especially the first! Made me very glad I got that add-on:)