Monday, June 27, 2011

Studio Calico's On the Gap July kit - presale starts now.

Good Morning!
The kids and I are about to dash to the second week of swimming lessons (they are turning into little fish!), but I wanted to share a couple of last sneaks before you check out the Presale and Shop items available this month.

As I mentioned, I purchased two add-ons this month, Knickers an Petrol, and they are divine.  Here's a couple more sneaks:

You can see a bit of the main kit stamp above with JBS Chewing Gum as well as a paper version of this image.  It's very cathedral quilt pattern to me, only a single row this time.  I love this pattern.

(And yes, it's that punch yet again.  I used it on 2 of my 4 layouts this month.  It's an addiction and I can't stop).

If we are talking embellishments, I'd dash straight to the 7Gypsies victoria paper tape (the Lille tape looks very cool too!  I don't think this was an option for me when I placed my order.  I really like the red and the words.  hmmmm).  The 7Gyp tape is wonderful.  It is not like masking tape where it's stuck to the back of the print.  It has adhesive backing which makes it....  repositional.  woot!  I just tore of strips and moved them around until I was happy, and then peeled off the backing and stuck it down.  Love.

More sneaks here.

Have a great day!  I'll see you back here tonight.



  1. every time I see you use that punch with the stitching around it I think I need it. But inquiring minds want to know...what sewing machine do you use. Mine is old and decrepit and the tension is gone. Time for a new one, that will inevitably require me to buy that punch as well. :)

  2. LOVE the sneaks! I totally missed the tape, but I have 2 Cath Kidston rolls on their way to me, so I can't complain too much:)

  3. Oh, please tell me about the SC Presale. I'm a kit club member and have never seen this before, please tell.