Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Project 12 October in November

Uh oh. I'm human. :)

WELCOME to Project 12, November edition!

When we've found time, we've been working on our scrapbooking, right?!  I'll tell you, I'm in shock that it's November.  I can't believe Halloween already happened.  Talk about a whirlwind!  Why is life doing that?  I feel like it's zipping by too fast to even enjoy it.  oh my.

We've been working on our September layouts, so I wanted to remind you of the September sketch:

And this is what I came up with this month:

As in all things, I was behind on my Project Runway...  so one night while watching the final four battle it out, I took out my sewing machine and stitched random grids to mimic the fun grid in the background paper.  I just adore the texture it adds.  (I also did that a wee bit on my layout for the Sketchpad class that KP is offering now.   Check it out!). 

September was busy too.  We were in the Seattle area at the beginning of the month, doing the beach, ocean, city thing.  And then we dashed home for school to start.  Since September speaks School to me, I decided to use that photo for my main photo this month.  But we also did random things like watch hula dancers, celebrate my mother in law's birthday, and go to the lake to catch frogs.  Random things need documented too, right?  It's fun to document the random things, with art. 

Most products used were from the November kit from Studio Calico, Handmade.  But that's my ribbon, the blue buttons are from my stash, and the blue alphas are from the Field Guide main kit (which is still available)

I did end up catching all the submissions, and these are a few that caught my eye:
I LOVEd Natalie's (vegatablog) layout this month. I know I highlighted it at SCT too, but I couldn't help myself. I really like the color palette and that background print works great with the design. And the stitching! I love the stitching!

I love the way Shelly does her journaling. Always do.

In love with the doilies here.

Be sure to check out the SCT blog post to see if you are a winner of the latest prize offering from Xyron!

And now, the October sketch:

Nicely done Becky Fleck!

As always you have until the 28th to link your layout here or at SCT if you want a chance at a prize (check out the Project 12 page up top if you have any questions or send me an email).

And now....  a few questions I want to ask about Project 12.  Please answer them, whether you participate in the challenge or not, if you have time.

1.  What do you like about Project 12?
2.  Do you like using sketches?  What about having 2 page layouts?
3.  Is there anything in particular you'd like to see going forward, that might entice you to play along?
4.  How much does the prize influence you?

I have a few things rolling around in my head, and would love to hear what you think about this challenge.  I have been hosting it for a long time, and using this format for a while too.

That's about it!  Now I'd better get to work on October before Santa comes down the chimney (because that is how quickly the world is spinning these days).  :)



  1. Great layout examples, Davinie!
    To answer your questions:
    -I like that Project 12 allows me to document everyday happenings in my family's life. I did Proj. 365 in '09 and I really got burned out and wasn't able to do any traditional scrapping because I was always trying to "keep up". A monthly layout is perfect for my speed, and even better that Becky provides awesome sketches.
    -I generally don't do too many 2-pagers anymore, but I do use the SCT sketches because I don't have to "think" as much.
    -The deadline is a nice push to get 'er done. I'm deadline-driven so that incentive to finish up in time is nice, regardless of any prize. (Although you have had some nice ones!) I was lucky enough to win the prize for playing all year last year, and that was extra-special, because I got an album to use for this year's pages!

    BTW - did you see on Write Click Scrapbook that they're doing "how to scrapbook your year" - or something like that. Nice plug for P12 yesterday, I think.

  2. I started doing Project 12 last year and I absolutely love it! In fact, it s my favorite album - the main one that I pick up just to look through. I think what I love the most is how it gives such a great overview of our lives. And it is fun to easily see the changes and growth. I love that I can easily browse through two years in a moment. I have hundreds of pages for each of my kids and I have also doing photo a day. But both of those are just so much a far as getting a snapshot of life. When people want to see my scrapbooks or if a friend or relative from far away wants to see what is going on in our lives, this is the album I show them.

    I like doing the 2 pagers - I think it allows for more photos and also makes for pages that have a nicer look. With photos from many different events, I think you want more space so the pages doesn't become overwhelming to the eye. I do like the sketches. I like that they have unifying parts that make a year of pages flow together.

    I like doing the page in the next month while everything is fresh in my mind. And the prizes are a nice motivator, but I would continue with or without a prize.

    I hope you will continue to do this. As you can maybe see from my post here, I have become quite passionate about Project 12! And I thank you for the time you put in on it! It is so sweet that you always take the time to comment. And I also enjoy looking at other people's project 12 pages.

  3. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Thank you so, so much for your lovely comments about my layout! I am so flattered!

    Here are my answers to your questions:
    1. What do you like about Project 12?
    I absolutely LOVE the sketches. I don't use them for month-in-review layouts (which I realize is the motivation behind the project), but they are a fabulous impetus for me to get a multi-photo two page layout done each month. Maybe in the future I will do month-in-review type layouts, but right now, that's not quite my scrapbook album style.
    2. Do you like using sketches? What about having 2 page layouts?
    Yes! I love sketches. I especially love these 2-pagers. I often make moderate to significant modifications to sketches, but these are so fantastic that I find myself sticking really closely to the original. I LOVE that they have so many photos- they are perfect for tackling photo-heavy events like vacations, which I usually find very overwhelming. I also have re-used these sketches, and I rarely do that with other sketches!
    3. Is there anything in particular you'd like to see going forward, that might entice you to play along?
    I made a goal this year to play along each month, and I think that except for maybe one month, I've been able to stick to that goal. It's really manageable. I like having the sketch revealed at the beginning of the month so that I have a good long time to stew on it :)
    4. How much does the prize influence you?
    I love having a deadline, and I'm definitely more likely to stick to a deadline if there is an incentive. But if there wasn't a prize, I probably would still try to play along with this challenge because the sketches are so awesome.

    So in conclusion: I love Project 12. I love the sketches. Thank you so, so much for hosting this challenge!!

  4. 1. I like P12 because it allows me to scrap in digital or hybrid or paper, and I love to the 12 months sketches to document our yearly life story in scrapbooking.
    2. Yes, I love using sketches for layouts and I will be completely lost without it. I am struggling with 2pages LO and prefer a 1 page LO.
    3. ...hope P12 will show sample LO that is not season related so that scrapper from other country that do not have seasonal climate will be able to pick up and learn something from it.
    4. Yes, prize is definitely a driving factor. However, another strong driving factor for me to participate is that it gives me ample time to complete my LO...a big big plus!
    And yes, I agree with Cynthia, the deadline is a perfect push to complete our LO.

  5. Great layout from yourself and those you highlighted this month. Sorry, I totally forgot to do mine this month!! I recently became a Stampin' Up! demo and have been slammed trying to get things off the ground. The biggest bummer right now is my lack of time to create for me!
    Anyway, your questions ...
    1. I love that P12 gives me at least one up to date layout each month of my family's goings on (when I remember to do it!) I'm madly trying to get caught up with baby pictures etc so scrapping the NOW moments is important.
    2. I LOVE using the sketches and especially the 2- pagers. I am a photo slut and like to use piles on each page so a 2-pager gives me more space to play with.
    3. Nothing really comes to mind. My own enticement is my satisfaction in getting the layout done.
    4. The prizes are nice incentives but since I've never actually won one, they do little to persuade me to play along. Really, my enjoyment comes from actually getting the layout done. And seeing the finished book at the end.

    Thanks for doing this. I hope you continue to be able to! I will get my September (and October) layouts done soon and posted! :)

  6. Fabulous layout Davinie. I started doiong this and lasted until , wait for it .... January lol. Im a nightmare

  7. Love your take on the sketch, especially the sewing! I guess we're both sewing fans! :)

    1) I must say I'm totally in love with P12. It's the 1st year I'm participating but I'm going to continue. I find it's a great way to document our life, especially that I have less and less time to scrapbook at all. But quite often there are events that wouldn't make a single layout but their place is totally perfect on a monthly revue.
    2) I love using sketches! But usually, spontanously I have troubles making 2-pagers. Using Becky's sketches is just perfect for me, a wonderful school of 2 page layouts design!
    3) Since I'm quite new to this I will continue, just because at the end of the year I will know exactly what we did each month! Love this concept!
    4) The prize influence me by the deadline! :) No, maybe it's the deadline rather that pushes me to finish before the month's over! :)

    I hope you're not thinking about stopping although I understand that after doing it for a long time you might be tired!

    Thanks for highlighting my layout! You're too sweet!

  8. Sonya4:08 AM

    1. I love project 12 because it might be the only layout I do in a particular month but it captures that slice of our life, allowing me to stay current in my scrapbooking.
    2. LOVE using sketches because I tend to overthink and make things more complicated than they need to be. The sketches point me in a direction and I just have to choose my papers and start. I'm more of a one-page scrapper but the 2 page format works well for a month in review.
    3. Already playing along and loving it!
    4. Sometimes the prize is a factor but I'm participating regardless, because I'm motivated by having a complete year finished in my scrapbook.

  9. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Great page! I was struggling with this sketch for some reason... I love your addition of the ribbon. May have to add that to my page or something.

  10. Love your layout! Love all the stitching!

    1. I like that I get a whole year documented.
    2. I LOVE having the sketches. They are a huge help to me. I like the two pagers too. One page just wouldn't be enough room for the numerous pictures and journaling I like to have.
    3. Not really, I'm hooked on it the way it is now!
    4. The prize doesn't influence me at all! :-)

    I had the idea, but have yet to start it, doing a layout about the kids each month. Their favorites, something they have said or done that is cute or that I want to remember. Stuff like that!

  11. Unbelievable that I am late again!
    Here is my September.

    I loved how you stitched on the lines of the PP. I need to try if Santa brings me a new sewing machine...
    I really love this project. I love how it lets me scrap lots more pictures that I seem to have less and less time for these days. It makes me feel as though I have a deadline to get it done, and not to fall behind although this year has been tough with getting them in on time. I like the double page format for the same multi picture reason. And I have to be honest, the prize doesn't influence me. And because my brain is already fried, I have no suggestions for you. I already think it is cool!

  12. This is my 2nd year participating in P12 and I LOVE it. Mainly because I document more of the daily things that happen that might not be special enough to be scrapped. I often have photos that are on the P12 page and another layout, but usually once I do my month, I don't feel obligated to scrap most of the rest of the pictures. Huge relief and makes me feel less "behind".

    I like having a sketch and like that it's 2 pages. I'm thinking one page would feel cramped but as long as a 1 pager would accommodate lots of photos and a good amount of journaling, I wouldn't mind. I'm not sure if I would be as inclined to participate if a sketch wasn't provided. It makes it one less thing to think about!

    What would entice me to play along is just that there continue to be a sketch - and I really like that there is something cohesive to the sketches so that the whole year ties together.

    The prize is not a factor at all. If there was no prize, I would still play along every month!

    P.S. LOVE the stitching on that background paper :)


    My October...shockingly on time!

  14. Here is my October sketch!

  15. Here's mine for Oct:


  16. Here is the link to my October layout:

    Here are the answers to the questions: I LOVE P12 and using sketches. The sketches give me a starting point and I find pictures that work with the sketch posted each month. I have been using it to get caught up because I would rather focus on the specific events than an overview layout. I use a combination of one and two page layouts, so either would be ok with me, but I think I prefer 2 page layouts. The prizes are a great bonus, but I enjoy just having more visitors to my blog and going to see what everyone else has created using the same sketch. It is also exciting to have your layout(s) featured on your blog and the P12 post too. As long as there are sketches I am sure I will continue to participate in the future. I am looking forward to what next year will bring. Thanks for helping me get caught up on some layouts I may not have completed without the P12 project.

  17. Here is my October page.

    I really love makig double-page layout!! Your sketchs are super!! Thanks for your inspiration always.

  18. I had fun with this one! :)

  19. Here is my entry for October sketch. Not a festive month for us, but was my 3years old son first time participating in school annual concert.
    Heaney xx

  20. Hi Davinie! I made it this month!!

    It's also got September's layout in it as well ... just to show the teacher that I eventually get my homework done! :)

  21. All caught up!

    I love the 2 page sketches and I agree, the deadline helps motivate me to complete the layouts. One of my favorite parts is the large area dedicated to journaling; I like writing a little synopsis of the month.

  22. Sonya5:24 PM

    My October layout:

  23. I love the holidays when i have more time to scisor, glue and complete project 12 before it is requested! I even worked ahead to November and December since I know those two had been the hardest to complete. Enjoy the month, creative ones.

  24. Anonymous12:04 PM

    1. What do you like about Project 12? I love that I can do a quick review of the month.
    2. Do you like using sketches? I am a fan of any and all sketches! Keep them coming :) What about having 2 page layouts? You now me, I am a doubler!
    3. Is there anything in particular you'd like to see going forward, that might entice you to play along? I don't think there is much to change about it to entice me any more. I love that you are thinking about incorporating Project Life into it! I hope you will share with all of us.
    4. How much does the prize influence you? I love that I get a page completed, but the prize is the cherry on top :) It is just fun added element.

  25. Anonymous12:05 PM

    And here is my October page too!

  26. 1. What do you like about Project 12? It gives me a chance to really reflect on the past month and see what it is we really do. We tend to think we don't do much and don't achieve much at any given time - but the reality is we do.

    2. Do you like using sketches? I do - it give me a basis to work on when I am not feeling all that creative

    3. What about having 2 page layouts? There are some months I struggle to fill 2 pages buy overall I like it.

    4. Is there anything in particular you'd like to see going forward, that might entice you to play along? I don't think so - it is a choice we make, if we want to join in we will and if we don't - we won't.

    4. How much does the prize influence you? There is a prize??? First time I have heard about it? Doesn't influence me I guess and I have been doing this for 2 years now

  27. My October page:

    And some answers to your questions:
    1. What do you like about Project 12?
    I like that even though I don't have a lot of crafting time these days, I will be sure of having the main things documented.
    2. Do you like using sketches? What about having 2 page layouts?
    I start with the sketch, but lately have been changing it to suit the 4x6 photos I have. I don't have a great printer and it takes too much time to print the different sizes (even though I like using different sized photos I just don't want to take the time to print them)
    3. Is there anything in particular you'd like to see going forward, that might entice you to play along?
    Already play. More standard size photos for the sketches.
    4. How much does the prize influence you?
    Not much. Love the chance to win and was once a winner from this blog but never received a prize. Maybe you don't mail to Canada? I didn't let that stop me from continuing. These things happen.
    Recognition of work is always nice - so comments on the postings are definitely appreciated. Maybe a chance to be published in Scrapbook and Cards Today would be nice!
    Thanks for asking for feedback!

  28. Sharing my Sept and OCt Project 12 pages on this blog post.

    1. I like the monthly aspect, the sketch and sharing and seeing other layouts based on the same sketch
    2. I love using sketches and teh double layout is great for a monthly summary.
    3. More of the same is fine with me
    4. I play along regardless, try to meet the deadline to be considered for the prize but don't always and that is ok cos I love taking part anyway.
    Thanks for hosting, I hope you continue to, we are going to use it at our monthly crops from 2012!

  29. Here's my October: I can't figure out how to link the individual page on the new site?

    For my answers:
    1. I like how the challenge helps me see and record my life in a different way--looking for lines and threads instead of just snippets.
    2. I still do 2 pagers. I use a lot of photos. The sketches (and kits!) help me be productive.
    3. I agree that I am motivated by the deadline. The prize chance is nice, but I like wrapping it up every month.

  30. Here is my October Layout:

  31. Here is my October Layout: