Monday, February 27, 2012

It's Story Hour at Studio Calico

Hi friends! 

It's Reveal time at Studio Calico this month.  Time to share the crafty goodness from the Story Hour kit. 

Because everything is so new, there were a lot of products missing from my kits this month.  No Dear Lizzy stamp in the main, lots of missing Crate, etc.  (You don't need to worry though!)  That said, I actually really had fun with the kit and my projects came together really easily.  Hopefully I don't jinx myself by saying that out loud for next month!  As busy as my school schedule is, I really don't want to struggle with crafting.  I'm wondering if it's because school is stressful that the crafting worked out well.  It's a bit of a stress reliever, cutting paper into bits.  :)

First up, my main kit only project:


This one was inspired by a Pinterest post on our Pinterest board. 

I liked the dimensional border, the tone on tone, and the confetti, so had a lot with that one. 
I adore this next one.  That's Morgan, two days old. 

She's wearing a knit hat and booties I made for her, my first knitting adventure.  sigh...

I wanted to do something different here so I made my own flowers.  I was also inspired to do this layout from the Crate stickers in the Illustrated add-on. 

This next one is using mostly the Narrative add-on. 

I knew I wanted an outdoor layout when I saw the squirrel paperclips.  How cute are they!  I misted the background white to give some texture and then trimmed my triangles.

I also added a couple of cards to my gallery this month:

More on that confetti in another post.  ;)

I hope you had a great day!  Davinie 


  1. LOVE that heart confetti. love,love,love.

  2. Oh my goodness.. beautiful work!!! I really love the confetti I keep seeing now, will have to try that! I just punched out a gazillion tiny hearts for Valentine's Day - should use them on a card or something. Thanks for the inspiration!!!