Friday, February 24, 2012

Studio Calico - Story Hour SNEAKS

Here I am!  Here I am!  I'm coming to you live from between the textbooks to share some delicious Story Hour sneaks from Studio Calico!

Isn't it crazy?  I'm up to my neck in learning theory, but if I have to cut out sleep I will because I HAVE to craft.  It's my stress release, it saves my sanity, it's my religion.  It feels me up, just with the process.  I'm so glad I found scrapbooking in my life as a way to express myself, stare at photos of my family, and provide inspiration for myself and others.  I'm so lucky.

Here's a snippet of what I've been up to:


You can see a snippet of my baby girl in this one.  Oh how I miss her.
This next one is my main kit only project:

This one was also inspired by Pinterest.

You've seen this next sneak, but I wanted to have them all in one place so here it is again:

That third sneak was made predominantly with add-on 4, Narrative

There's a lot of fun stuff in this kit so I hope you'll check it out when it comes up for sale!  I've really enjoyed the process this month.  I made one of my layouts while watching Survivor with my hubby, and I'm NEVER able to watch one of my favorite shows, WITH my hubby in the room, AND create something I adore so that should tell you how easy this kit works together.



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  1. Dav, these look amazing! Can't wait to see the full effect! :D


  2. Jen Thompson5:54 PM

    ooh I love that confetti! Something I definitely need to try when I'm up for going back in the craft room :)

  3. gorgeous as always! looking forward to your gallery. :)

  4. those sneaks are great!!!

  5. can't wait to see these layouts. So true that taking time to craft is better than extra sleep. Scrapping is therapy!

  6. I love these. The stitching plus the punched bits of patterned paper are terrific. Great work.

  7. I love your style and annot wait for reveal!!

  8. Love those hearts!! Your pages are lovely...

    Clicked over from the SC Message Boards.