Tuesday, March 27, 2012

City of Lights - my projects

Hello Friends!

The kit is live so it's time to share the projects for City of Lights, Studio Calico's April kit.

As I've mentioned, I got all four add-ons, but I didn't have the time I wanted to spend with them.  I ADORE the main kit as well as the SC paper for this month, so be sure to at least go for that should you be shopping.  The gray polkadot in particular is fabulous.  The dark woodgrain with the pink is also wonderful.  Get more SC paper, lol.

First to share is my main kit project:

I think this is my favorite main kit only layout that I've made.  I really had fun with this one.

I started with my Cameo.  I knew what photos I wanted to use, so in the 12x12 inch blank file, I placed and sized my circles, and then trimmed them out.  After that, I chose butterflies and sized them according to the circle shape, and trimmed them out of the SC paper.  After that it was a font for my title.  I have had so much with my Cameo lately that it's opened up a whole new world for layering and texture to my projects.  I'm really enjoying it.


The JBS template was such a great idea.  I didn't want to cut it up, so in order to preserve it for a future project, because I'm a hoarder that way, lol, I traced the monograms of my girl's names and hand stitched them.
Handstitching tip: 
Use a narrow needle.  Mine was a darning needle, I think.
Use two strands of floss. 
Pierce holes fairly close together
Stitch slowly.

When I first punched the holes I thought I made a mistake with this idea and that the stitches would tear and run together.  It definitely took some finessing but I love how it turned out.

The kiddlets dragged all the linens out of the house to make a fort under the soccer goal post in our backyard, and our dog had to be included.  It's so nice when the girls aren't pulling each other's hair and actually getting along, lol.  Okay, they don't spend time pulling hair, but you know what I mean.

My second layout for my gallery offered another workout for that Cameo:

In preschool last year they spent a day doing a little Queen of Hearts play, where they repeated the poem about the queen of hearts and had kids take turns acting it out.  When Payton got a turn she was able to do her performance with a couple of buddies.  The knave is basically her BFF, so I wanted to make sure I didn't forget to document it.  I took photos of all the kids that day and these particular photos have been shuffled through the digital file.

I created the background using a couple different heart sizes.  It actually took a while to drags things around to where I liked them.  The file is 12x12 and I saved it, but can't currently figure out how to share it on the blog here.  I had advice regarding Typepad, but lowly blogger doesn't appear to have the same capabilities.  If I can figure it out I'll be happy to share.  :) 

On the right side I wrote out the Queen of Hearts poem and repeated it down the paper and trimmed it out.  I created this layout late one night so I hope you won't notice that I spelled "steel" wrong.  It shoudl be STEAL.  ack.  That's actually driving me a wee bit nuts but you'll notice I sewed on it a bit so it's going to be a wee pain to fix.  It'll happen, just not today. 

The doily was also something created with my Cameo and misted Piglet.  Those intricate details asked alot of my machine.  I had to punch some of the shapes out with a blade because they didn't quite trim.  I love the doily though.  The title is also trimmed with the Cameo, and it's the same font as my last layout.  It's Lollipop, I think it was called, and you can get it at the Silhouette store.  I wanted a fun cursive that wasn't too fancy and this was it.

My last project to share today is a quick and easy card:

This was stamped with the new Hero Arts ink we have in the shop.  This particular color is Wet Cement, and I love it.  It has some good color, don't you agree?  And yes.....  there's that gray polkadot again.  :)  

That was all I had time for this month.  I had 8 page papers on learning theory to write.  bam. 

I am participating in a fun blog hop on Friday to celebrate a certain magazine's birthday.  I will have another layout created with the City of Lights kit to share then (and you can see a sneak of it on this post).   Friday also happens to be the date my youngest girl surprised our family with her birth, and that little spitfire will be 6 years old.  Excuse me while I cry my eyes out.  :)


  1. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Adore the girl fort page - makes me wanna be a little girl again! Your multiple photo layouts are always the best! Beautiful work & spectacular details as always.