Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Studio Calico love - Scholastic

Remember when you were a little kid in school and the Scholastic Book order would get added to your homework?

I remember taking that thing home, sniffing it a couple of times, and then getting out a pen and circling my favorites, tallying the total, editing, circling, editing, reading, sniffing, tallying, editing, and basically sleeping with the thing.

I LOVE the Scholastic Book order.

I'm so glad it hasn't gone away, and that now that I have two children in two different reading levels, when it's book order time I get twice as many book order forms!  AND you can order online (but it isn't the same experience AT ALL). 

I had to commiserate about my Scholastic love, so when Payton was feverishly highlighting her latest issue, I took a couple of photos, even though she was annoyed with me.


I have some new SC product on this layout (and a little nibble of the City of Lights kit with that bright yellow).

Rolodex, both A and B sides, from Take Note. 
Mister Huey opaque white mist


Tonight is Reveal (and today is presale for shoppers).
Don't forget these items while you are in the shop today:

Craft Bond - a must have for confetti
Glue Pen - random confetti and a journaling strips favorite adhesive
Pick Me Up - very handy

Colorbox White Frost ink - I've heard this is the best white!


Modern Albums - these are going to go away.  Everywhere.  Get Modern Albums while you still can!



  1. LOL! I feel the same way! I get so excited when the order forms come home in her Monday folder- probably more excited than her. Love the layout- I may have to use your idea. :)

  2. Anonymous5:10 PM

    OMG, I thought I was the only kid in the entire world that would get so excited about those Scholastic orders! Where were you when I was in primary school??? We would have been best friends for sure ;)

  3. I absolutely LOVE this page!!! ADORABLE!!! And we loved scholastic both as kids and as parents. I don't see them any more :(

  4. I can still "smell" the Scholastic forms. I loved them. I used to get a TON of books, and I still read about 4 books a week. On a slow week. Ha.

    More importantly... what do you mean Modern Albums are going away??? WHAT??? Please explain.