Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Words on Wednesday - Flawed

Sometimes my stitching does come undone, but I'm sure that's true for all of us.

My girls are in some serious emotional stages right now.  I don't know if they start getting hormonal at 6 and 8 but oh my, no wonder Steve keeps taking the overtime shifts.  HA!  I like to think it's because we are super busy and they are just tired.  Me too.  Only a couple more weeks of softball and school, and then it's just us and SUMMERTIME.

Happy Wednesday!

P.S.  I love how the quote was pieced together, don't you?  Easy to do with the Cameo, for sure.



  1. so true! enjoy your holidays

  2. love this:) enjoy summer getting started!

  3. Oh how true is that statement. I need to make that up and have it in my hobby room from to remind me.