Wednesday, July 18, 2012

CK love - Mixed Media Scrapbooking and Out to Sea

First, thank you for your kind words, friends!  I'll have more to say after the August reveal but for now I just wanted you all to know how much I treasure the friendships I've made at SC, and hope that we will continue to be friends, even if my work isn't under a special button.  I'm still me, and I'm still creating.

Speaking of creating, I was asked to participate in a special issue from Creating Keepsakes and of course I said YES.  It is called Mixed Media Scrapbooking.  It's on sale now!  :)  

There are a lot of fun ideas and techniques in this issue.  It's definitely worth a peek!  If you can't find it at the grocery store or Barnes & Noble, etc., you can purchase it online here.  

Here's a sneak peek of a layout I created for this issue.  I was assigned to use a lollipop stick, of all things.  I made it into a flag and also used the end of it to stamp a la mist splatters on my page (you can see a couple of blue ones at the bottom).  I love how it turned out!  

Have a great Wednesday!  Davinie

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  1. It is my pleasure to still follow your work Davinie, it's too inspiring not to! This peek looks AMAZING!!! Can't wait to see the whole thing! Take care :)