Monday, October 29, 2012

and the Studio Calico stamps go to....

I apologize for the delay!  All those germs at school are starting to catch up to me.  I have that detached feeling, lol.  Random says:

Here are your random numbers:

Random Integer Generator

47 5
Timestamp: 2012-10-30 04:10:29 UTC
Note: The numbers are generated left to right, i.e., across columns.

Shelly J!  I think I might have that milk cap stamp.  You can totally have it (but email me so that we can be sure that's what you want and I can find it).

What a fabulous error! I love it when those things just happen. ;) And I am so happy you are enjoying your teaching! Awesome!
There is one stamp that has always been out of my reach, the milk top from May 2011 Paper Lanterns add-on. Both my father-in-law and sister-in-law graduated from Michigan State's Veterinarian program. I love the Kelly designed this stamp off of MSU. I really would like to make some note cards and stationary for each of them with the stamp. I really didn’t think that one would be so hard to find, but for some reason, it is.

I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on 35mm Leica’s circle with noted and June 2012 Santa Monica’s circle set either… but I am really itching to get my hands on that milk cap. Thanks for sharing, Davinie!

Amy, I think I have what you want too. Email me!  

First off love the Fall layout. I will have to hunt that cut down from the Sil store. I missed these stamps but would have loved:

Love You More stamp from Monmarte add-on(City of Lights)
Speech Bubbles stamps from Venice Beach add-on (So Cal)
Pie Chart stamp from Four Square add-on(Elmwood Park)

Thanks for the chance. :)

Shelly and Amy, email me at daviniefiero @

Thank you ladies!  I will hold a giveaway again.  I seriously have a lot of stamps I don't use and would love to gift them to someone who would.

Have a great week!  Stay safe!



  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Congrats to Shelly and Amy! Davinie I think it is so wonderful that you are making people's SC stamp wishes come true! Rhonda

  2. Congrats ladies :) Super lovely of you to share your stamps, Davinie!