Monday, October 22, 2012

BAM! A blog post, a layout to share, and a GIVEAWAY

Hello friends!

Oh my.  I have never been so busy in my life!  Student teaching full time, classes at night and on many of my Saturdays, and sweet girls to raise and a husband to adore.  ...  suffice it to say I am busy.  Happily so, I must say.

One of the things that has gone by the wayside is to share projects made with the Portfolio Kit that Danielle and I put together.  It has a lot of Pink Paislee products, with a few homemade goodies tossed in too.  As I've mentioned, I love this line, and it is a perfect addition to my stash.  It basically goes with everything!

This is a layout I came up with the Portfolio Kit, documenting our recent visit to the pumpkin patch last weekend:

The background was cut from one of my favorite files from the Silhouette store.  I then trimmed bits of the 6x6 pad to layer under neath it creating a fun collage of chevron arrows in a great fall palette.

I am a bit obsessed with the hello stamp in the stamp set, and I'm not a stamper.  I had to emboss it again with white zig powder (just like I did with the card I made HERE).  

The leaves were also created with my Cameo.  They were trimmed with a print but it felt a bit busy, and I wanted my title to stand out.  So I turned them over to reveal the white.  I love this much more!

The title became a happy accident.  
I have a Pinterest board called FONTS.  I like to find free fonts to save for later.  I was searching through it today and found the Cafe Rojo font, which I used for this layout.  

The accident happened when I trimmed it out.  I don't always have my cutting mat figured out when it comes to placing it in the right place, so it cut the title much higher than I had planned.  As I peeled it off, though, I loved the effect of the print at the top of the title, so didn't cut another.  It adds some fun color, I think.  

Dani and I still have a couple of kits left.  Check out images of it on my blog here, and also check out Dani's post here.  I've done a terrible job sharing what a fun kit this is, so I hope you will check out the kit contents and some cards that Dani came up with too.  

If you have purchased this kit and are looking for more ideas, I have them linked with the "portfolio kit" label at the end of my post.

And with that, I also have a little giveaway!

As you know, I was on the Studio Calico Design Team for 5 years.  I think there are only two current team members who have more tenure than I do.  That means I have been around for a lot of kits.  That also means I have been around for a lot of stamps.  

Except for rare exceptions, I've never been a big stamper.  Unlike many subscribers, stamps were never the reason I liked the kits.  So, as time has gone by, I have collected many stamps, and many of them still remain unused.

I am trying to clean up my space, and that means taking a look at my stamp stash.  I don't think I am allowed to sell these.  I know there are "for sale or trade" boards all over and even some occasionally sold by people on Ebay, so I know the demand can be high for some of the designs and I feel guilty having them all here.

SO.  I thought I'd give some away!

I *have* given away stamps before.  
I *do* covet some of them and plan to keep them for myself.
I *may* not have the stamp you love.  5 years and 2 kids is a lot of time and little hands that could have misplaced a stamp.
Some of them *may* have been used a time or two, and have the Stazon stain to prove it.  

The rules:

In the comment section, list up to 3 stamps you'd like to have.  I never memorize the stamp name, so please let me know what main kit it was part of so I'll know where to look.

I will draw TWO names on Saturday.  We will then work together to sort out what you'd love to have and what I have available.

Sound good?

I've given you two chances to win, but if you want a third chance, I will be giving away a stamp (or trying to, anyway, if I have the one you are looking for) to one person who purchases a Portfolio kit this week.  Simply enter the word STAMP in the comment section to seller when you purchase your kit by Saturday.  I'm not sure how many kits are left, so you might want to be swift if you are considering the kit and would like an extra stamp as well.  

ETA:  I have most stamps from all kits, main kits and add-ons.  You don't have to list main kit only stamps.  :)

How does that sound?

I hope you have a great week!  I am in dreamland, teaching Science to my 4/5 blend class at school.  We've been crafting, making communities from styrofoam and suffering from devastating Earthquakes, creating and erupting volcanoes, studying Crater Lake, and this week it's all about fun experiments with Rocks as part of an Earth Science unit.  I am having so much FUN.  You can be creative in so many ways.  This is definitely the profession for me.  I love touching little lives this way.   



  1. More than anything, I really wanted to get the Herringbone border stamp from En Plein Air and I missed it.

    I also missed the Vintage Pharmacy Label Mini Stamp (Studio Calico) from the Monterey kit.

  2. Such a gorgeous layout! Your stitching is impeccable.

    I really would love to have the Polaroid Frame (On the Easel), Vintage Butterflies (Tatting), and the Milk Cap (Paper Lanterns). Thanks for this lovely giveaway!

  3. I really like the birch wood with the heart stamp from Debate Team and the label stamps that coordinate with the EK Success Label punch (I have the punch but no labels). Thank you!!!

  4. beautiful lay out love the back ground will have to try that...

    i would like to have bookshelf for the who's who kit on jan 2010, viewfinder set from documnetary kit 2009 and the people border but i don't know what kit is that one.... thank you for this giveaway.....

  5. First off love the Fall layout. I will have to hunt that cut down from the Sil store. I missed these stamps but would have loved:

    Love You More stamp from Monmarte add-on(City of Lights)
    Speech Bubbles stamps from Venice Beach add-on (So Cal)
    Pie Chart stamp from Four Square add-on(Elmwood Park)

    Thanks for the chance. :)

  6. I really do not have wishlist for 3 stamps. The only stamp I want is mini file folder stamp from wisdom add on that was released with fortune cookie main kit. Thanks for this.:)

  7. Hexagon nested stamps from Malibu add-on (So Cal add on )
    Potty People and Hearts from Mary Jane add-on (Whos Who add-on)
    Hexagon border from Jawbreaker (Candy Shoppe add-on)

    Thanks for the chance at such a generous giveaway :)

  8. FUN FUN giveaway!!!
    my top 3
    1. arrow stamp set aka Hey Girl Mini Stamp {So Cal main kit}
    2. number border stamp {county fair main kit}
    3. You are here stamp {field guide main kit}

    there are alot of add on stamps in my wishlist too but I figured you just wanted main kit?

    love this giveaway!!


  9. Clouds from candy shoppe
    Shiny and Bright add on Christmas ornaments from Brooklyn Flea
    Border stamp from bakers dozen

    This is such a cool idea. I admire you for being so generous. Maybe you'll start a trend *wink

    1. ha forgot my email

  10. loved the layout...makes me want to use my silhouette way more often.

    sounds like a fun giveaway...i sure don't need any more stamps as i need to go through my stash but i know lots of ladies who will love having a chance to win!

  11. That is why i want a cameo :). My three most wanted stamps would the hey girl stamp from the socal main kit, the mini months from the mind the gap add on pint, and the camera and oh snap from the glee club add on. Thanks for the chance, email is

  12. Great layout. Thanks for the inspiration:)
    My top 3 wished for stamps are:
    1. Label stamp set of 3 (Magellan add-on - Continental was main kit)
    2. File Folder Mini stamp (Wisdom add-on - Fortune Cookie was main kit)
    3. Herringbone Border stamp (En Plein Air add-on - On the Easel was main kit)

    Thanks for a chance to win a great prize.

  13. I love the cloud stamps that match the fiskars punch and the keep calm and snap on stamp. I don't know what kits they are from.

  14. Wow! What an AMAZING give-away! I would love the exclusive set made by Lawn Fawn or the Clouds from Candy Shoppe

  15. Lovely page! Thanks for a chance to win! The stamps I covet are:
    Sugar On Top Stamp set from the Confection kit, the Woodgrain label stamp from Apple Orchard kit, and the Mini Camera 2x2 set from the Glee Club kit.

  16. The layout is fabulous!! I wish I had a reason for scrapbooking, but I only have 2 cats (no kids, no nephews/nieces, my family isn't into scrapbooking). You can only scrapbook so much for 2 cats....the pictures tend to be the same after awhile. LOL!! So, I stamp and make cards. I appreciate your generosity in sharing your stamps. My top 3 choices would have to be:
    1. Chevron Background Stamp (Knickers add on kit to Mind the Gap)
    2. Bookshelf Stamp (Who's who kit January 2010)
    3. Honeycomb Stamp

    Thank you for the chance at winning this fantastic prize.

  17. On the Easel Kit -Polaroid Frame
    Fortune Cookie/Feb Kit- 5 piece Studio Calico stamp set
    Sugar On Top/Aug Kit-Confections stamp

  18. Wow, awesome layout! I have a cameo on my christmas list this year :)
    1. Herringbone Stampe - En Plein Air kit
    2. Bubbles stamp set - Venice Beach
    3. Oh snap! - Glee club

  19. Oh goodness - I like sweet and simple stamps so I would probably pick: 1) Go See Do from Via AirMail; 2) the speech bubbles from the Venice Beach Add On (So Cal). I'm having a much too hard time coming up with a 3rd! Thanks so much for the chance to win and good luck with balancing your busy schedule! :)

  20. Oh how fun!

    1. Bicycle Stamp from City of Lights
    2. You Are Here from Field Guide
    3. Viewfinder Stamp Set from Documentary

  21. Pat Turner1:23 PM

    Since I'm not familiar with the stamps, I would say SURPRISE me!!! (I did see a Lattice Background on Ebay that was wonderful, not sure if that's a valid stamp for this giveaway, though)

  22. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Wow Davinie this is so kind of you, I love your layout and I think I am asking for a Cameo for Christmas! BTW I miss you at SC! I come to check at your blog each week. I am looking for
    1. chevron from the 5 and dime add-on
    2.noted stamp from the lecia add-on
    3. a long shot here but I am looking for Epic stamp set
    hope you have a great week! Rhonda

  23. You are so kind!!! The only stamp that I desperately trying to get my hands on is the touching circle stamp from the Perennial Add-on.

    Here's my email:

  24. Flora2:13 PM

    I will love to have the stamps from baker's dozen, fortune cookie and playground! Have the kits but no stamps to work with...

    my email: florie (at) gmail .com

  25. You are a doll for offering your stamps. :) I am more of a stamper than a scrapper, so I am excited!!
    My three favorites Studio Calico stamps on my wishlist are:

    ***Yearbook - Happy Home stamp - Oct 2009
    ** Bakers Dozen - Doily boarder stamp - Feb 2010
    * Summer of 69 - Just a note stamp - August 2012 Kit

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  26. What a great giveaway! My wish list is:

    Chevron Border/Ferris Bueller Quote
    Any sentiment stamps
    Camera/Oh Snap

  27. ok here goes I would like Studio Calico Exclusive Kit STAMPS Labels set that goes with coordinaating EK Punch( i have this punch already)
    2.Hero Arts Studio Calico Heyday Thoughts Clear Stamp 330054 it has the clouds and the hot air balloon and the keep calm and blank on
    3.Studio Calico Starbursts Geotag Stamp set from Crack the Whip kit

    ok so these are the ones I really want.. but I am grateful to have a chance at any.. I have never met a stamp I didnt like..Thanks for the shot!!

  28. Surprise me, too!! Although I have to say I do like the hexagon stamp from 35 mm., the letter set (Napa Valley and the viewfinder stamp in Documentary, among others.

  29. Amazing giveway! My top 3:

    - Dialed
    - 5-piece stamp set with "you" (Fortune Cookie kit)
    - lace border stamp

    Good luck to everyone!

  30. Not looking for a stamp - just want to say great layout! The kit you two put together looks fun!

  31. this layout is incredible, love what you did with the stitching around some of the chevrons!!! && this giveaway is just TOO cute! I would have to say the stamp I have wanted the most & missed is the Chevron from 5 & Dime and the Hey Day sentiments. Those are my two favorites that I don't own!
    thanks again girl!

  32. Super cute layout!

    My top 3:
    Alpha in Napa Valley
    Polaroid in On the Easel
    Hexagon from 35mm

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  33. Beautiful layout! SO nice of you to do the giveaway. The only stamp I would love to get is the Right Here Right Now stamp from Sherwood Forrest.

  34. Love your layout, Davinie, thank you for sharing it.

    Your giveaway is so generous! I am inspired to pay it forward. After you pick the winners, I will look through the other commenters and find someone looking for a stamp (maybe more than one, if there are many) from a kit from the last year and a half, that I have and am not making enough use of and will post it to them. It makes me guilty too when someone is so keen for something that isnt really working with my scrappy style and therefore sitting unused!

    My List of sigh-worthy stamp wishes are probably pretty hard to let go of, I think (since I desperately want them - i guess everyone will be thinking that of their list! LOL)
    1. The butterfly set from the Fresh Cut add-on in Back40 *sigh* they are so lovely
    2. The coffee stain stamp from the double dutch addon in Playground
    3. and the Diagonal Newsprint Background Stamp from Rope Swing in Lawn Party

    Though I must say, it was a close call with the months stamps in Pint/Mind the Gap and Labels in Magellan/Continental.. but those would be my very top three.

    (now i need to shake off this feeling of coveting other's stamps and go back to being grateful for the many I have and use in my stash :-) Not to mention the likelihood of many more to come in future years.. LOL)

  35. Cool giveaway idea! The layout is beautiful.
    My top three stamps would be 1) city of lights main stamp (bicycles) 2) the numbers from greenhouse add on (main kit field house) and 3) hearts and potty people from mary jane (main kit who's who)

  36. I loved the background/starburst in snowcone,
    the circle in ring toss
    the background in clarksville.
    Such a fun opportunity! thanks for sharing!

  37. Leanne8:49 PM

    Great Giveway. Thank you.

    My top 3:

    1. Mini file folder stamp
    2. Pinked "Traditions" stamp
    3. Noted stamp - circle stamp with the word noted in the middle.

  38. Susanmcl9:08 PM

    I would love the camera and oh snap from glee club add on or the Dolly lace border stamp or The clouds from candy shoppe. Thank you for the lovely idea of sharing. Even if we don't win a stamp, we all win by witnessing kindness. Scrapers are nice people! Good luck with your teaching.

  39. I would love to win ANY SC stamps! I don't have any, but love their style! I'm really into cutesy images and fun sayings! Thanks for the chance to win!! :)

  40. I would like any border stamps. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  41. I love your layout, it's so classic!!!

    I would love any border stamps and the polaroid frame stamp :)

  42. I am easy going...i would take any stamp and would delighted to win!!!
    Your layout is superb...Your stitching is just impeccable!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  43. Jen Thompson11:55 PM

    First of all it's so nice to see you blogging again! and it's extra extra nice to hear you're loving teaching, you're a very lucky lady :) Secondly, all these years I've "known" you I thought you loved stamping lol You did a very good job not letting on you aren't a stamper ;)

  44. Love those happy creative mistakes right?!!
    Wow - I just had a great time going back through old SC kits to look for stamps that I would love to add to my collection! So nostalgic - almost like looking through an old photo album :-)
    Here's what I came up with....
    I've subscribed for a long time, so all my choices are from add-ons..
    1. Ampersand stamp from Holga add-on (35mm main kit)
    2. Sun burst from Snow-Cone add-on (Brooklyn Flea main kit)
    3. Clouds from Knick Knacks add-on (Granny's Cupboard main kit)


  45. What a great idea for a giveaway and very generous too if I may say. I love stamps so any make me happy but ones I can remember I wished I'd got are the Oh Snap Arrows (were they actually in a kit?) love arrows anyway!, the clouds (one was stripey I seem to remember) and the ampersand.

  46. That's so general of you!
    I would love to give home to the following stamps:
    - potty people from add-on Mary Jane from Who's who
    - bull's eye from add-on Shooting Fallery in Country Fair
    - louvre add-on from City of lights kit.
    Once again thanks so much for the chance to win.

  47. Anonymous7:12 AM

    What a fabulous error! I love it when those things just happen. ;) And I am so happy you are enjoying your teaching! Awesome!
    There is one stamp that has always been out of my reach, the milk top from May 2011 Paper Lanterns add-on. Both my father-in-law and sister-in-law graduated from Michigan State's Veterinarian program. I love the Kelly designed this stamp off of MSU. I really would like to make some note cards and stationary for each of them with the stamp. I really didn’t think that one would be so hard to find, but for some reason, it is.

    I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on 35mm Leica’s circle with noted and June 2012 Santa Monica’s circle set either… but I am really itching to get my hands on that milk cap. Thanks for sharing, Davinie!

  48. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Hi Davinie!

    I wish I spent just a bit more time with my silhouette - love your background!

    I absolutely love the bicycle stamp from City of Lights. I wish I would have been able to buy that kit. I also really like the house stamp from Yearbook and Go See Do from Via Airmail.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win!


  49. Wow you sound like an amazingly busy woman! I absolutely love your layout. I am more of a card maker than a scrapbooker lately,but I have some great pictures that are screaming out to be scrapbooked and I just need to get started. As for stamps...I love them, any stamps, I love to heat emboss etc, and would help take some off your hands used or not! I do not have any of the Studio Calico brand yet as I have not seen them in stores in our neck of the woods.

  50. I love your layout, and I'm glad you are doing something you love! Volcanoes were always a favorite project of mine. :)

    I love stamping.. so I really appreciate the chance! I would love months from Pint (July), chicken wire from Star Dust (June), or the set from Mary Jane (January). Or if you by chance had the Nadiya alpha? A girl can dream, right? :)

  51. Love your layout!!

    I would love to have: Paper Dolls Border from Versailles, Transportation from Mass Transit or Speech Bubbles from So Cal Venice Add-on.


  52. I love your layout - it is awesome!! I am fairly new to stamping but have purchased a few SC kits so I do have some of the newer stamps. I would honestly be happy to win any that you have. Thanks so much for your generosity!! ~Shari

  53. Great layout, Davinie. I love the Polaroid stamp from On the Easel kit; Woodgrain stamp from Apple Orchard; an the Butterfly from Confections. Thanks for the chance.

  54. Such a beautiful layout!!! I am a stamper and would love to try SC stamps! :) Even though I'm not sure this is open for internationals.... Anyway, looked a bit through the kits and these I love:
    1) Chicken Wire bg stamp from Star Dust add-on kit (Paper Moon)
    2) Hexagon Outlines Cling Background Stamp Set from Malibu add-on kit (So Cal)
    3) Numbers Stamp Set from Percussion add-on kit (Orchestra)

    Thanks for a chance to win! I t would be awesome! :)

  55. Love the layout!

    Here is my wish list (in no particular order):

    1 - Small Alpha set from Napa Valley
    2 - Ornaments from Shiny Brite Add On (Brooklyn Flea Main Kit)
    3 - Dress Pattern background stamp from Pin Cushion Add On (Handmade Main Kit)

  56. Anonymous3:24 PM

    What a generous giveaway! Thank you very much for the chance to win :)

    My wish list is:

    1. "speech bubbles" from Venice Beach add on (Main is "So Cal")
    2. "bookshelf border" from Who's Who Main kit
    3. "photo strip with 2x2 holes" from Countdown add on (Main is "Paper Moon")

    ta_mu_33 *at* hotmail *dot* com

  57. Great page! What a great giveaway!

    My wish list consists of these:
    -Hexagon Mini Stamp (Studio Calico + Hero Arts) from 35MM kit

    -Viewfinder Stamp Set (Studio Calico) from Documentary

    -butterfly stamp from Confections


  58. I would like
    1. Journaling lines from pep rally kit
    2. Harpers ruler from back 40 kit
    3. Jettsetter from via airmail kit
    Thanks for the chance Gracie

  59. I really like your layout can't you please share how/what you used to cut the craft paper?
    this is a generous giveaway how nice of you
    If I get picked would like the stamp called Elementary (I don't know what collection it is from (new to scrapbooking))
    also there is a mini apple stamp that I would realy like to get my hands on
    thanks again ♥

  60. I am new-ish to stamping so I do not have a huge collection. All your kits are amazing and when I found your site I fell in love. I love stamps that say things the most. Love Awesome stamp set! , Noted from Lecia add-on and the 35mm set. Also Twisty Slide add-on too. I really love your layouts!

  61. I just love to have: Love/Hearts Stamp Set from Mary Jane addon (Who's who), Just a Note mini stamp from Clear Skies(Lawn Party), Vintage Butterflies 4x3 Stamp Set from Tatting addon (Handmade).
    Thanks for the chance to dream with these stamps again! :)

  62. Love your layout. Here's my list....Dialed from Newstand; Sugar on Top from Confections and Vertical Numbers from County Fair.

  63. On my wish list is the triangle stamp set from Style Guide, border stamp from Thimble and Hexagons from Malibu.

  64. I'd really have to say the Nadiyah set only (scripty font). This is so sweet of you:)

  65. Would love to win, but honestly, I don't even know the kit names of the stamps!

  66. Arrows stamp in this months "couples skate"
    rubber stamp in central high's "road show" add on
    daydream believer "clarksville" add on (circles)
    one more for good measure: :)
    candy shoppe addon "jawbreaker" hexagon line up

  67. You are so thoughtful for this gesture. I truly think the world of you.
    I am looking for/Wishing for
    Epic, Awesome, and bookshelf. I just recently learned of this stamps and of course they were limited edition. Thanks for the blessing!

  68. Thank you for your kind and generous giveaway - there will be a couple very excited stampers in the near future!

    I am an alphabet lover so I would choose the three recent alphabet sets:

    Six String Alpha
    Monkey Bars Alpha
    and the Narrative Alpha!

    Long shot I know but I had to add the Venice Beach speech bubbles too. I know everyone wants them!

    Thanks again Davinie for your kindness.

  69. Wow.. What a wonderful layout and generous give away.. I don't know the collections well enough to give names and collections, however would love a chevron and camera.. I'd also be happy with a surprise. Thanks again.

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