Wednesday, October 31, 2012

the Giveaway continues!

Ruth isn't the only generous soul with extra Studio Calico stamps to spare!

It seems that friends with Studio Calico stamps are perusing the comments and sending their stash to those who were brave enough to let me know what they wanted.  So if that was you, then congratulations!  You never know when your name might come up.

Shelly J received her coveted stamp so I'm going to choose another winner.  I really wanted to send stamps to 3 people.

I decided to go with the first person to post their stamp request, and that's:


More than anything, I really wanted to get the Herringbone border stamp from En Plein Air and I missed it.

I also missed the Vintage Pharmacy Label Mini Stamp (Studio Calico) from the Monterey kit.

Please email me!  I would love to get something in the mail to you.

Have a great Halloween!  It's raining here.  Fun times ahead.


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