Thursday, August 01, 2013

Gossamer Blue - August kit

A rainy Thursday hello to you.  Thunderstorms here.  Can't complain much.  It's keeping us from attending the county fair and I'm not a huge county fair fan - #soexpensive - I've been busy catching up on the Bachelorette and Big Brother because I've been camping all week and didn't have hookups or cell service.  This is great for family bonding but not for reality TV!  Poor Des.  I feel bad for her.  But I think Brookes did the right thing if he wasn't in love.  I get so tired of this silly shows that undoubtedly turn into a People magazine cover about the "breakup".  Why I get sucked in every time I don't know.  i think it's because it's easier to learn to knit when I am only partially attentive to the show I'm watching.


The August kits are up for sale at Gossamer Blue and they were so much fun to play with!  I opened my box and was inspired by all the travel themed stuff.  The challenge initially was that I don't travel much so didn't have a plane ticket stub and an Iphone photo of my kids in their row 7 seats C and D airplane seats.  That said, I didn't have to go back in time to find photos to play with.  I was able to twist the products to work with current life events and I am really happy with how it turned out.  I even used airplane veneer on projects about my girls and myself.

The first layout I wanted to share was made with the main kit:

I knew immediately I wanted to use this silly photo of my girls in Steve's high school graduation gown and my current Graduate school graduation cap.  It wasn't until I had the layout finished that I remember to double check the files Lori created for this kit and saw a similar title idea, lol.  I also LOVE the chevron paper that Mitchell designed, so grabbed that and used almost the whole sheet.  

If you'd like to use "GoSeeDo" as a title for your layout, I made it available for download as a studio file.  I created this title with my Silhouette.

(click the picture to get to the download)

I have seen this title many times over the years but never really wanted to use it until now.  Isn't it funny how that works out?  

The same goes with the Geotag, but I fell in love with the paper designed for the kit by Traci Reed, it's my other favorite print this month, and had to pair it with a large version in this second layout:

Now that school is over and life is returning, I'm back to the library, overdue fees and all, lol.  I have been soaking up a lot of great novels I have missed over the last couple of years and had to document it on a layout.  Read anything good lately?  Please share.  

Again, I created a Silhouette file for this layout, and I made it available for download via studio file should you want to use it.  I'm not normally this techy but had some ideas I wanted to try with my projects this month.

(click the picture to get to the download)

When I added it to my layout, I first printed it out a larger size in white, decided that was too big, cut it again, and then thought it looked great layered so went with it.  That's just how it is sometimes....

Edited to add:  The font used for my title is called Lollihop.  I love this script because it isn't too slanty, and it welds really well with my Silhouette.  I don't normally pay for fonts but I must have with this one, because it's in the Silhouette store.  :)  My other go to favorites for scripty fonts are Pacifico and Lobster Two.  Both of those are free.  

Lastly I created a card using more of that geotag paper.  I just love it:

If you have any questions on my design process or anything, please ask!  If I were to do more step-by-step tutorials in the process of a layout I designed, would that interest you?  I'm thinking of adding that as part of my work each month so that you can recreate it if you want to.

Have a great day!  Davinie

P.S.  Let me know if there is an issue with any of those links.  Trying something new here and I have reached the max for my techy brain.  :) 

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  1. Thank you so much for the studio files. The first link for the go see do doesn't work, but the geotag does. I also wonder what font you used for the escape title. SO PRETTY!!

    1. Thank you! I think I fixed the GoSeeDo link. The font is called Lollipop. I love it too. I wanted something that wasn't too scripty or on a slant, and would weld together well with my Silhouette. My other go to favorites are Pacifico or Lobster Two. But this one is Lollipop. :)

    2. Okay, I was wondering about that font, too. Can you let me know where you downloaded it from?? When I search online I only find this curly-cue font!

    3. I will look for it and link it here! Thanks Emily. :)

    4. I updated my post! It's a silhouette font called Lollihop not Lollipop. Ha!

  2. Gorgeous work this month! :) I'm totally stealing that geotag. ;)

  3. Gorgeous pages, Davinie! And thanks so much for the cutting file!