Saturday, August 03, 2013

Jane Austen fan here.

As I prepare to get crafty on a Saturday night, Pride and Prejudice (2005) in the DVD player, I can't help but be SUPER excited about this little number:

I mean, seriously.  Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice are a couple of my favorite movies.  I'm giddy.

I never watched Felicity (although of course I know about the famous haircut), but I am a Keri Russell fan, so I'm excited.  Two of my favorites from her are August Rush and the Magic of Ordinary Days (I think that was a Lifetime movie).  

The previews look so great (well, except for the Colin Firth cutout.  It should be Mathew Macfadyen).  I can't wait to drag my husband to the theater to check it out.  ;)

(Click the picture for the trailer).  



  1. Hadn't heard of this movie until I saw this on your blog just now - but I LOVE it already! I'm a HUGE Keri Russell fan and definitely could watch the Kiera Knightly version of P&P once a day :)

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