Monday, December 16, 2013

clean slate

Well, obviously things changed a bit around here.  About a month or so ago I sent an email to Gossamer Blue and American Crafts to resign my position.  My priorities have just changed.  I am committed to my family and my students.  There simply wasn't time for everything and something had to change.  I have spent several years on Design Teams with affiliate links and holiday deadlines.  It feels SO GREAT to craft when I feel compelled to do so and to try different things.  I have been knitting and quilting and making home decor.  I will start sharing as it makes sense to me.  To be honest, it has been liberating and inspiring to make things for my girls and to create things for my home without the pressure of a deadline or a color palette or a trendy product that I need to sell.

I've been part of the crafting industry for too long to just disappear.  But this girl definitely needs to regroup.

XO.  Davinie

P.S.  Project 12?  Project 12 is mine.  Creating a monthly recap is a challenge that I have been hosting since 2008.  It appeals to me now more than it ever has before and I think it's the perfect form of memory keeping for the busy mom who still wants a creative outlet.  There's NO way busy Mom's are doing a daily record keeping system.  That just isn't realistic.  Stay tuned!


  1. It's not always easy to find a balance in this crazy world we live in. . . so glad you found your way through the maze and chose your family! Everything else is negotiable.
    Definitely looking forward to more of Project 12 or not. . . whatever you feel you can handle!
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  2. I totally understand you!
    Freedom can be more creative.
    I've also turned myself more to my girls, family and home decor - in some 2 or 3 free hours per week I have - memories are not only in an album, but mostly in our childs memories.
    Project 12, for me, is still a mirage, but working to get there :)
    Hope 2014 brings you all the health you need, because from what I've read, love is not lacking in your life.
    Merry Christmas!


  3. oh Davinie, i totally understand and it's great that you have found a happy place with your creative life & spending quality time w/ family :) and i love that you came up with project 12 & agree w/ you 100%, which has kept me inspired in completing each month. xoxo

  4. I'm so glad to hear you are doing well and enjoying life. The memories you form with your family now will leave a much more lasting legacy than completed scrapbook albums (oh, heresy! LOL), so I can understand the choices you've made. That's not to say I haven't missed your unique scrapbook style, as your layouts always inspired me to try something different. If you find time to revive Project 12, that would be great. But regardless, I'm glad you introduced this concept as it is the one way I have consistently used to document our lives over time (in addition to my random layouts, of course). I tried the Project 365 method and found it too overwhelming. Your idea was perfect for the busy scrapbooker. Thank you, and God bless your path, Davinie!

  5. Glad to hear from you! Enjoy crafting and keeping it FUN!

  6. Hi Davinie. It seems we have reached the same point (altough you are way more talented than I am!!)
    I have blogged about the same thing last week. Therefore I can totally relate and understand how you feel at that point. Glad you found what makes you happy. apparently we also share the same love for quilting!!:) hugs from France

  7. I been thinking about you and am happy that you are doing well. You have shared so much of yourself with your followers that you owe us nothing but I am still glad to know that we will "see" you once in a while in the blogasphere. I can also tell you, as a busy, working Mom, that there is no project life album around here! This fall, when my oldest child went off to university, I started a mini-album to document whatever and whenever. No pressure and no time commitment. It is a sort of a Project 12 album but even that has been hard to work on. However, I am happy with what I've got and I really do want a place to document and reflect upon this first year with my oldest "baby" as an adult. Enjoy your young family, They really do grow up very fast! All the best for 2014.

  8. Oh my friend! Good for you! We've all got to make the calls that are right for our families.

    I've been along for the Project 12 journey since 2010! You know that I love it!

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  10. Davinie! So happy for the update :) I did Project 12 in 2011 and then switched to Project Life. Well, life got in the way of Project Life and it's just not something that I can reasonably keep up with. This year I am going back to Project 12 and I'm trying it digitally so I can print it in a photobook. Can't wait to see more updates from you - but of course, family and yourself come first!

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