Saturday, February 01, 2014

Superbowl football pool - printable

My in-laws host a Superbowl party every year.  This year is extra special because it is likely the last year they host.  Their house is currently on the market and they will be downsizing and won't need the big TV.  We also have the "home team" in the running for the big title this year.  My sister has had blue and green hair for a couple of weeks and the 12th man can almost be heard from my house and I'm a state away.  The only person rooting for the Broncos seems to be Miss Payton Jayne.  Payton who loves horses is rooting for Peyton and the Broncos.  You can't hardly blame her.  But that spot of orange is going to be lost in a sea of blue and green tomorrow.  :)

My favorite part, besides the food, is the football pool.  I'm not a huge football person, but always have a great time on game day filling the squares and harassing our guests for cash.

Rather than quickly zip out a grid on a piece of copy paper with a sharpie, this year I decided to create a little graph that I can put in my scrapbook later.

Sell the squares.  We usually sell them for $1 per square.  After they are all filled up, have the kids draw numbers from 0-9 from a hat and fill in the shaded areas, 0-9 for each team.  Game time is a lot more fun for everyone now that we can root for scores as well as our favorite team to win. 

We usually do $12.50 for quarter 1 and 3, $25 for the half, and $50 for the final score.  

Download the football pool for free here.


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