Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Some Pink Paislee and a local crop

I am ready, sweet friends, for bird and the bees talks for a girl, age 5. I have been getting a lot of questions lately about babies and how they are born and how they get in your belly, etc. Right now she thinks that babies start from seeds and when they are done growing, the mamas go to the hospital where the doctor gives her medicine and cuts open her belly.


I'm not sure how long this one will last! I don't know where the baby talk comes from, except that Morgan has this Eyewitness book about Skeletons that she looks at alllll the time, and there is a photo in there of a baby inside a skeletal womb, which has her quite concerned because the baby is laying in there upside down, lol.

Anyway, while I commend her inquisitive brain, I also want to make sure I answer all of her questions appropriately! Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, lol.

Other than that, life is moving along. I'm the registrar for Morgan's preschool, so we are in the middle of preregistration, etc. Morgan is off to Kindergarten next year and Payton will be starting preschool, so I will now be shuffling kids around between schools and activities. Perhaps it's really time for the minivan! I drive a Durango which works fine, but not if a friend wants to tag along with a carseat.

I've been wanting to be more involved with ladies in my community, so in an effort to help out my local scrapbook store, a friend and I are organizing a crop next door at a flooring store. It's a really pretty setting and I"m sure we'll have a lot of fun.

One of the things I was in charge of was the flier, so I thought I'd take a chance on Jenni Bowlin and purchase one of her new digital kits. I'm a hybrid scrapper sometimes, which means I can print stuff out and cut it up, so digital scrapbooking is NOT my forte. After about 2.5 hours I came up with this:

It took me forever! Seriously!

I really like the digital elements so will probably print them out and play with them soon. I do like how this turned out though.

Speaking of which, I think there still might be a spot or two left, so if you are in the Bend area this weekend and want to scrapbook, you should check us out!

Suzie has a lot of stuff to give away; I think we are giving something away every hour. I also have a goodie bag for each person, with NEW stuff from Pink Paislee! I'm also including a sketch and an example layout in the goodie bag. These bags have all the product you need to recreate the layout, plus a few extras. One of the things it will include is a brand spankin' new sticker book. woot!

Before I go I wanted to share a couple of Pink Paislee projects with you.

I really love the orange die cut paper from the Captivating line. I have used it a few times since this layout.... including the April kit from Studio Calico.

This home frame was on the Pink Paislee blog on my March 4th post. The 4th is always my date, so if you are ever looking for me on the blog, that's when you'll see me.

Have a great day!



  1. Dang Dav, I totally forgot to email and say that I can't make it to the crop. One of these days girl, one of these days. Isn't it funny how 150 miles might as well be 10500 miles!
    your layouts are fabulous and I love your invite. That turned out super cute :)

  2. Great layouts Love them all!

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Davinie, I just Love the Lo and the details to it... I got my Scrapbook Trends and saw all of your published work!!! I just loved all the LO's!!!! I remember the questions that I received from my daughter, the only advice I can pass along it keep it simple, you will be amazed at how a simple answer will go over with little ones!!!! Happy Thursday!

  4. these are gorgeous!! I wish I wasn't so far away and could come to your crop!
    oh and Taylor is 9 and still doesn't know much about the birds and the bees! I think less is more until she gets a wee bit older! =)

  5. beautiful works D!!! love love love from my heart to yours!

  6. Love your layouts beautiful work as always! Wish I was closer i owuld love to be at the crop sounds like fun. Have a great day!

  7. I love the layouts and especially that frame! Too cute! And sooo creative. (:

  8. ever so subtle there dav :)

  9. Hee Hee Hee, saw that fine print! You always have such great layouts, beautifully done, I really like the felt flower detail under the paper flower, great idea! Enjoy your crop!

  10. ack! good luck with that talk, i am NOT looking forward to that and you know it will be sooner rather than later with the ever-inquisitive ms. h.
    beautiful projects, as always.

  11. Davinie!! These are stunning. I just love them all. Oh and good luck with that talk, let me know how it goes so when the time comes...Ugh!

  12. Jennifer.T12:38 AM

    These layouts make me happy :o) Seriously cannot stop looking at them!