Monday, March 16, 2009

My February Project 12 layout and a Successful Crop!!!!

Woot! The crop was a success! And it was also a lot of fun! The seats were filled, the music was on, and the tables were talkin'. Nadine did an awesome job with the food, the goodie bags were used, the hourly prizes were a hit, and people were there from beginning to end.

I had more fun than I thought I would have. I even got a layout done! It was a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere with beautiful home decor and water features all over the store which offered some pretty white noise in between the music.

My sister came down from Seattle and she had fun too. It was nice to get to spend some time with her.

Here's a pic of some of the peeps and the setting:

We were at a flooring store that also sells fun home decor. It was a really nice setting. There's a flat screen TV high on the wall back there, and we think next time we may even take time to pop in a chick flick. That might be fun! My LSS is right next door and she stayed open, so it was really easy to get some extra supplies and do some shopping in between the scrap marathon.

For dinner we had chicken salads, yummy lemonade, and for dessert we had these:

These cupcakes were delicious and adorable too! They were baked with the paper folded up almost like flower petals. Such cute presentation.

It was a nice night out for mama's, and fun was had by all. We even had a teenage scrapper and a newborn baby come scrap with us. That baby made me want just one more, lol. She was so darn cute.

The one layout I finished was the much anticipated February layout for my Project 12 challenge, lol. I had more than one photo from Valentines Day and the Superbowl that I wanted to use, and they were all horizontal, so I printed two of each and incorporated them both into the design I established with my January layout:

Rather than tracing my Making Memories calendar, I used my new Fiskars Upper Crest punch for the top. It matches the Jenni Bowlin cards perfectly! Don't forget.... if you did a monthly layout, please share a link to it on this thread, and you could win that Upper Crest punch for your own stash. The deadline is the 20th, and I'll draw a name on the 21st. That's this week!
Before I go I wanted to reminisce after receiving an email from Anthropologie.... This morning I got an email advertising Harem Pants and I was immediately having flashbacks to 1990 when I was a freshman in high school. There was this Senior couple, the popular couple that were completely adorable, the beautiful people of the school. Jared and Stephanie. And one day, Stephanie's mama made them matching baggy Hammer pants that were black and purple, and they both wore them on the same day to school. They had the halllllls buzzing. People thought they were oh so cool. I remember thinking how amazing it was that she was able to get him to wear those pants, especially on the same day as she, but that's what people did when Stephanie snapped her fingers.

This memory is the first thing I thought of when I saw these new Harem Pants from Anthropologie. Yes, they are much more flattering than MC Hammer's version, but are these baggy parachute pants really coming back in style? Seriously? That just cracks me up!

Anyway.... I hope you have a great week! I am very far behind and have a lot of projects to do before the week ends, but I have no doubt that AI will pull me through the next couple of days, lol.

:) Davinie


  1. i am LOL about the pants....omigosh..

    love that page--- i forgot to make something with those jb calendar things--oops! i may have to use that idea of yours!!!! it is lovely!

  2. STOP! It's hammer time!

    ACK!! Run away! :) LOL

    Those cupcakes look divine, as does that punch!

  3. Love your Feb layout, looks like a fun crop. I've never been to one, sad uh? love those little cupcakes, wow!

  4. OMGosh...I LOVE your LO as full of fun ideas and inspiration! :)))
    And the story of your highschool and the couple...what a memory that is...LOVE it! I will die if parachute pants come back...but if Anthropologie has them...I'm going to have to say YES THEY ARE! LOL
    PS...I graduated highschool 2 years before you even started! hehe
    LOVE the cupcake wrappers too...super cute! I need to find those! :)))
    Love ya,

  5. OMGosh, I so won't ever be seen in those again, no matter who's advertising them, LOL! Love your feb page. I didn't do one for Jan, but I am thinking I might so I have a chance to win that punch! (:

  6. Those cupcakes are sooooo yummy and I love your layout girl!

    Here is a layout I did about January 2009 -

  7. Oh no they didn't!! I for one, will NOT be wearing them!! Loving the cupcakes though :)

  8. I love that Hammer pants story! It sounds like the crop was great and those cupcakes (and your layout :) ) look fantastic!

  9. I keep meaning to participate in your monthly layout challenge...better add it to the to do list again. Those cupcakes look delicious!

  10. Harem pants were never meant to make a come back. So sad. that looked like some crop. Wow! I want to go to the next one, because it is way better than any one I have ever been to. AND the layout you did there is stellar. I better get to doing my February layout.

  11. Oh no, you had me at those adorable cupcakes! YUM! Sounds like your crop was so fun.

  12. Oh my goodness, Davinie! THat bit about the matching harem pants is so funny! LOL! Those cupcakes look so yummy and I love the LO you did! So glad your crop was a success! Sweet of you to give away another punch - I would love it!

  13. Looks like fun!! Where was the crop? I don;t live to far from the Oregon border. If your not to far in Oregon It would be fun to go sometime!!

  14. OMG, I soooo wanted those pants when I was in Jr. High, but my mom wouldn't spring for the expensive brand, so she made me a generic version! Just not the same! Too funny!

  15. Jennifer.T4:18 PM

    I'm so glad to hear the crop went well and you had fun... seriously thought how could it not go well when their are cupcakes there? LOL
    Love the layout, great colours!

  16. Oh you guys are making me want those fiskars edge punches... drool on that layout!

  17. Oh those pants are WRONG on so many levels! LOL! And $178? Yikes! LOL!