Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Project 12 May and my Running Man

Well, school is out and I'm already pulling my hair out, lol. I actually heard Bend, Oregon mentioned on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, so now my neck of the woods is famous, lol. It was a piece on extreme weather. We've been having some amazing hail/thunderstorms here, and it's rained almost every day for the last few weeks. I am DONE with rain. The girls are ready to play in the pool!

I have to share a couple of photos I took of Steve on Sunday. Time got away from me and the girls and I were so late! I was so worried we were going to miss him at the finish but we were there 10-15 minutes before he crossed the finish line. I couldn't have been more proud of him! The atmosphere there was awesome, and there were so many different shapes and sizes of people running that race. It was actually quite inspiring.

He ran the race in 1:49:56 which is an awesome time. If he had known the course prior to the race I'm sure he could have gone even faster. He said he learned a lot at this race and hopes to run another one soon, maybe as soon as two weeks away. And except for bleeding nipples (now he knows what breastfeeding a newborn baby can be like, lol) he is feeling great.

They ran the race in three heats and because this was his first race, he was in the third heat. His advice to anyone wanting to do something like this is to get as close to the front as you can get. He was "clogged" a few times in the race, stuck behind someone on narrow paths, and it was literally like cars and passing lanes to get around a slower runner. But now he knows!

I'm so darn proud of him! They gave them Jamba juice as a post race drink. And for some crazy reason, people who run for 13.1 miles straight are also able to drink beer, because there was a beer garden too. I just have a hard time comprehending that one. I think I'd barf!

At dinner tonight he started talking about these plans he has for us on the second week of September. At first I thought he came up with some sort of 9th anniversary getaway, but oh no. Apparently there's some half-marathon he wants to run.... with ME. Help me. I don't think I can go that far. And I don't think I have the time to train for it either. And, and... (yes, I need more excuses). He's so much faster than me! I don't think he'd enjoy running at my pace, lol.

It's because of weekend races and tap recitals and my father-in-laws surprise birthday party and the end of school and, and, and, that I am WAY behind, yet again (I know I sound like a broken record), but I did manage to finish my May layout for my Project 12 challenge and have that to share.

I had some fun with this one and made a cute flower to go with that cute Penny Lane paper from My Mind's Eye.

Let's see.... in May we had mud, we got cats, Morgan went to a ranch and saw donkeys and rode a pony, we met my mom's new dog, and my dad was visiting. Do you see that Studio Calico box in the second small photo? My dad was visiting from Washington, and Morgan got a wild hair and made him at LEAST 15 birthday drawings. And then she had to roll each of them individually. And then she put them in the box. And then she wrapped the box. And then he had to open the box and then open each individual drawing/message. This process began at around 7:30 and it was at least 9:00 before his "gift" was received and opened. I needed to include it because it was totally her idea, and she did such a great job on each of her "cards". See?! Studio Calico boxes are multi-purpose, lol. My cats have a temporary bed in one of them right now. In fact, it might even be the one in that photo, lol.

Have a great day! I have a lot of projects on my list this week, and we've decided to take out the trailer for the first time this summer, so I have even less time to do them than I thought.

Father's Day project - gotta get on it!

I'm also starting a new weekly post on Friday's that involves your kids. Be sure to check back for that! :)

And don't forget! You have through the 20th to get your layouts linked to this thread for the May Project 12 challenge. I'm going to give you until 8pm PST on the 21st as an extension, as I won't be here! You've got the weekend!



  1. Steve ran that in a GREAT time!

    I have never considered myself a runner. BUT... I just ran my 2nd 1/2 marathon in January. It was my fastest time 2:00:33. You can do it, Davinie. It just takes a willingness, a training schedule & self-discipline to put in the miles every week. Get fitted for the right running shoe for your feet, too, so you reduce the likihood of injuries.

    Best of luck to you! I can honestly say that my 1st 1/2 marathon was one of the best, most rewarding experiences of my life... second only to becoming a mother. :-)

  2. YOu can do it, Dav! You must go run with Steve...that would be wonderful. Star training soon. I've been on the track myself walking 5K every Sat. am now. Been wanting to run/jog so HOPEFULLY! I can. My goal is to join a marathon this Sept. So, go--go---go.

    Cute May LO. Love it! I posted mine already on my blog & on SC gallery. I dont mind winning again your RAK. Teehee!

  3. Jennifer.T6:37 PM

    oh that is so sweet he wants you to run with him!
    Have a great weekend away. I seriously need to get away for a few days too..

  4. yeah, steve is a rock star. for real. and i know i have said this many times but i truly think he and J would really get along well. hope your week is going well. xo

  5. I'm afraid I must know more about his bleeding nipples. Because huh??

    Congrats Steve, what an inspiration!

  6. Congrats to your man! I will tell you, I've run three half-marathons, and have had beer after the conclusion of each one of them! Gives you something to look forward to while you're enduring the last few torturous miles. :) Love your May layout!!