Monday, September 14, 2009

Like Maya Mists?

GET ON OVER to the Studio Calico blog. It was the Sneak Night Giveaway but they are leaving the comments open until Midnight tonight! 8 colors! woot!

Speaking of sneaks.... oh my. I don't have any yet as my box *just* got here. I took part in the combined kit shipping promo to save shipping costs for local kit delivery for a friend of mine, and along with some shop items, my box got too heavy for USPS and was sent UPS. It took forever and I almost took out the man in the brown truck when he pulled up.

He will NOT have to say "left package by front door" or "met woman in yard" or even "left package in tree", lol. He'll need to say "she took it right out of the back of the truck!"


Off to scrap. And get my backlog of Project 12 layouts finished. And a few things I can't share yet. And then I need to feed kids. And bathe 'em. And all that.



  1. get busy woman! can't wait to see what you do with the kit :)

  2. can't wait to see your sneakos soon. being "just home" resting this whole week, it is in my desire to go back to my July (&August) Project 12....let me try to grab some mojo for my sweet friend! have a good week, Dav!

  3. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Cannot wait to see what you do with that kit! waahoo-o!

  4. OK so I was in Bend like 3 weeks ago and totally thought of YOU!!! We went camping for a whole NIGHT...yes just one. The 4 hour dang drive for one night of camping...BUT it made me think, hell we could totally meet up in Salem and it is exactly half the distance. And Bend was much prettier than I remembered. Wish we could have met up!

  5. I love your explanation of the attach on that poor guy in the brown! I so NEED to try these sprays since I love Glimmer Mist and Memories Mists and I want to know how they differ.

  6. omg, that's too funny!!! who leaves a package in a TREE? I've never heard of that before! glad you got your kit, can't wait to see your end results!