Thursday, September 03, 2009

Right now....

I'm headed here:

Steve and my brother in law are going to go here:

And then my sister and I are going to go see this:

( I am SOOOOO excited ).

And we are taking the kids here. And they'll get to see both Dinosaurs AND butterflies, so Morgan will be in heaven.

And they are going to see this at the IMAX theater.

And then we are going to go up and down the Space Needle.

And then we are going to go visit my daddy and he's going to take us for a ride on his boat, weather permitting (it might rain).

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! I'll be headed home on Monday. And then I can get back to panicking about Morgan being ready for public school and Kindergarten. I can't think about it right now. Next week.



  1. Oh Davinie! Have so much fun this weekend! You and your sister will LOVE Wicked - be prepared to buy the soundtrack - it's fabulous! Have a great time! :)

  2. ohhhhhhh wicked is SO SO GOOD! I hope you love it as much as I did.

  3. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Animalopolis is really cute.. My husband and I just took our girls TODAY! Enjoy your fun weekend!

  4. Sounds like an amazing weekend! Enjoy it!

  5. Have a great time! We were there last Fall and it was fabulous.

  6. You will love Wicked - the music is so great! Have a wonderful time.

  7. Jennifer.T8:56 PM

    wow how fun does this all look? Really enjoy it and don't think about kindergarten for a second! hopefully it will seem like a world away while your having fun :)

  8. Say hello to Seattle for me! Them is my stompin' grounds :)