Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Esprit and me

Payton gave me a headcold. Two weeks ago. And now it has turned into a cough as all the sludge tries to exit my body. I know. Fun times. The only good thing I can say is all the coughing has been great for my abs! I'll have a nice 6 pack by summer! maybe. not. whatever.

The downside is that SHE is sick and doesn't share my expertise with phlegm elimination techniques (I know, too much information, but it is what it is). Sooo.... she doesn't sleep. Which means I have zero me time.


I have several things I need to update on. My Project 12 layout for the month, Studio Calico sneaks, but I wanted to post quickly today to share a fun little thing.

A few months ago I was asked to be part of Esprit Scrapbooking, a French scrapbooking publication. Even though the language barrier made it a little difficult to communicate, in the end I participated in a questionnaire and submitted a few of my designs for publication in a section where I was labeled "Le Coup de Coeur" (gosh, I hope that's a good thing). It was for their April/May issue. I just got my copy in the mail, and the content and quality of the magazine was much better than I expected. I was really impressed and honored to be part of it.

There I am, page 10.

To all my French speaking friends who can get themselves a copy, let me know if I did okay, will you? I took Spanish in school. Not French. :)
And with that, I wanted to leave you with a little Mother's Day love. I hope all you Mother's had a wonderful day!

I had Steve snap some photos of me with my girls. We also made sure to get one of them with their Grandma too.

A few weeks ago I got all the blond out of my hair, and I SWEAR it was quite black, but the color is lightening up a lot and looking quite natural. Payton and I even look related!
I was spoiled this year on Mom day. I am now part of the modern century with my very own Ipod, lol. I've already broken it in and love it. I got a Nano, because I want to replace my Blackberry with an IPhone when my contract is up. I LOVE the radio feature. Mine is hot pink. As long as a kid doesn't take it, I should be able to keep track of it, I think. Morgan's favorite color IS pink though.....
I also got a gift certificate for a mint/lemonade pedicure, and we went out to my favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner.
Spoiled I tell you! Spoiled. And of course the best part was the homemade cards from the kids and the fun things they made for me at school. I LoVE that stuff.
Have a great day! I will be back here tomorrow.


  1. How cool to have a article about you and your craft! Fantastic! :)

  2. um, coeur is heart. there, i helped. =) go, 5 years of french!!

    love the pic of you and the girlies. =)

  3. Le coup de coeur de Beatrice means "the favorite of Beatrice", whoever Beatrice is.

    I think she likes your work...

  4. No French help here, but that's awesome! And what a cute pic--I thinks she has your smile:)

  5. That looks like a great magazine Layout but ummm I speak Russian, I can't help with the French.

    Nice page and lovely family pic, your hair looks great.

  6. Very Cool! Congrats on the Pub...wish it was available here in the states-- even though I don't speak or read French either! But art transcends language! LOL!

  7. Hi...I think it means top picks or favorites. My french is really bad. But that issue looks great.

  8. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Hi there, I am a French reader of your blog and I also buy Esprit Scrapbooking magazine! The article was great and I love how you talked about what you do and how inspiration comes to you! I love what you create, it is so unique!
    I also have some little blog but hey it's not as awesome as yours!!! hihi (