Tuesday, November 09, 2010

crafTuesday - paper plate owl

Payton and I are back on the craftwagon.  Because she's 4, there really is no excuse not to come up with some sort of craft project for her.  4 year olds are fairly easy to please.

I decided because it was November and still fall, it would be fun to break out the paper plates again, and this time, go for an owl.  We haven't done that one before. 

This is what we came up with:

And these are our supplies:

Paper plate
brown cardstock
black cardstock
white cardstock
paint (optional)

And here's my little cutie, hard at work (she sits on her knees like her dad, toes overlapped).

Because I wanted this project to take a little while and give her plenty of time to get her hands dirty, I suggested she paint her paper plate the color of an owl.

She said it should be rainbow.  Who am I to judge?  I'm seeing a little trend here.... 
Rainbow it is. 

After we finished painting it was time to adhere the owls feathers.
I had originally intended to get fuzzy colorful feathers at the craft store but couldn't find any.   Then I was going to buy fake leaves.  And then I had a reality check and remembered I have leaves in abundance, for free, all over my neighborhood, so saved a couple of dollars.
For scissor practice, I had her snip the stems.

And then we worked on moderation, and I had her glue her "feathers" all over her owl body.
Notice the white plate?  As soon as she realized her rainbow was going be covered with feathers she wanted none of it, so we set aside the rainbow plate for a fresh one.  *maybe* if she'd gone with the fall tones I had originally suggested, she wouldn't have had an issue.  But then again, she also told me that snow owls were white, so she didn't need to paint her plate.

Smart chicky, that one.

After the plate was covered with leaves, it was time to adhere the details.
I trimmed large black circles, and then smaller white circles for the eyes.  I couldn't find my big bag of google eyes, so I had her color the eyes.  She chose blue, just like hers.
I then trimmed a triangle for the beak, and trimmed a 4 inch square on the diagonal for the wings, and two 2 inch squares on the diagonal for the ears and feet.

Adhere, and then you have your owl:

Payton had some different ideas on how these triangles should be adhered, but I had my way for the most part (although I did negotiate a bit on the ears.I would have turned them to the left once more).

After we were finished Payton's eyes lit up and she said she knew exactly what to do with her rainbow plate, and immediately trimmed a heart out of it.  Then she adhered it to one of the owls wings.

I'm not sure how we are going to hang this one up, but you certainly can't argue with the cute factor here, can you?  My kids blow me away on a daily basis with their creativity.  Love that.

Have a great day!  Davinie


  1. i love her owl and his rainbow heart!

  2. Davinie, please, write a book on children's crafts, please!!!

  3. I love it!!
    Love that she has her own way of doing mama's craft project too!

  4. oh i love this--- my son is four and would love doing this!!! thanks for sharing this idea!!!

  5. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Thanks so much for another paper plate project! I have a pile of them :) My daughter loved the 2 sunflowers she made and are now hanging above her craft desk. Since it's almost summer here we'll have to trade the leaves for feathers (which I sell at my LSS where I work yay)

  6. I'm all for owls myself...and butterflies! Love it. Thanks for sharing the project to your blog readers.

  7. aw, that's SO cute! you always have great ideas and your girls are lucky to have you for a mom!

  8. Ack! How completely adorable is THAT!? My kids would love this especially my 4 year old! TFS, Davinie!

  9. We are SO making one of these. You're genius. :)

  10. Super cute owl! Looks like fun!!

  11. Oh - good job, momma! I am not typically a fan of the "product" art (projects that are supposed to look a certain way when done), but you totally made this a "process" project when you let her a) make the rainbow and b) choose not to use the rainbow. And using natural materials (the leaves) is ALWAYS a good way to make art more a process and more interesting! So cute and she looks like she is really enjoying it!

  12. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree !