Monday, April 23, 2012

From my 35MM - Sneak time.

Good Monday Morning.

I'm about to go observe a classmate teach a lesson on oviparous/viviparous animals with a group of Kindergarten kids (oviparous = animals that lay eggs), but wanted to stop for a minute and share some of my kit work.  My scissors had a workout this month.  I did use my Cameo, but there was also a lot of hand cutting.  Good busy work.

I picked up three add-ons this month for the 35MM kit.  Leica, Holga, and Lomography.  The only reason I didn't pick up Brownie this month is because I got three add-ons.  That's plenty!  :)  It's hard to pick a favorite because I liked a little about  everything, but I think the main kit was my favorite.  I really liked the exclusives this month.

Sneak peek:

Main kit:  

This is my main kit only layout.  The title was trimmed with my Cameo, but the chevrons were hand cut (you can check out my little tutorial on doing that here).  

I adore this layout because I used some photos I have never scrapped but am so fortunate to have.  Looking forward to sharing this one with you.  I couldn't pick between add-ons because I adored the buttons so much and there are plain wood buttons in Leica, and delicious printed wood buttons in Lomography.  

This last sneak used a lot of scissor work.  The striped tag is from Lomography.  One of the best parts?  The M is the negative from my title work, and that yellow triangle is also left over from the chevrons I used in my title.  Look at those scraps put to use!  

That's it for sneaks for today.  Ta ta for now.  Wish me luck!  Tomorrow I'm teaching a lesson on dinosaurs and we are making dinosaur eggs!  So fun and I'll share it here on a crafTuesday post soon.



  1. always love what you do with the kits & your stitching looks amazing. can't wait for reveal!!!

  2. Amazing sneaks! Can't wait to see the full reveal and the kits too!

  3. I would love to see more.

  4. LOVE it all and i can not wait to see them complete :)

  5. These look great! :)

  6. rhonda nickol9:21 PM

    Loving your sneaks!

  7. love your sneaks dav! also, i want your handwriting... :)

  8. WOW, gorgeous sneaks and your handwriting is magnificent!!!!!!