Sunday, April 15, 2012

Project 12 March in April

BAM.  It had to go back.  There is no reason to change something if it is working just fine, and the traditional method for Project 12 works just fine.  So Becky doesn't do sketches for me anymore?  That's fine.  I have lots of previous sketches to choose from.  I still should document the month the way I document the month and have been documenting the month for the last few years.  It's so good to be back!  :)

For this month's challenge I chose a sketch from May 2011.  It looks like this:

And this is what I came up with:

A change for the challenge that I'm having fun with is the Color Suite monthly challenge.  You can check out the color palette for this month here

I wanted to create a fun design element for this layout, so punched out a couple of circles from vellum, as well as some confetti, and stitched it together.  As we had two birthdays in March, this adds a bit of festivity to the layout too.  Love that. 

I also love my journaling spot.  But you know that. 

For fun I thought I'd check out what I did with the May 2011 sketch when it originally came out.  You can check out that post here

Oh my, it feels good to be back in my comfort zone.  Doing that daily thing was driving me nuts, although I do need to find a better workflow as I have been keeping memorabilia and more daily photos with my phone.  I just don't know what that method is yet, and I'm still really happy with the monthly recap and so is my family.

I'll see you back here for Project 12 again on May 15.  If you want entered for a chance at a prize at SCT, check out my Project 12 post and link your layout there.  I randomly draw a winner.

ETA:  AND I forgot to add that I've already chosen the next sketch I'm going to use.  I'm going back to January 2010 for this one.



  1. I really like your vellum confetti spot!

  2. Yeah, I am so glad you are going back! I love your good old way and I was trying to streatch and grow with you, but it was ard!

  3. I love this layout and bookmarked it for future inspiration. I esp. love the punched circles and confetti. Wonderful touch! I too have been pulling out my vellum again. I wonder if it will be the next return fad?

  4. I know exactly what you mean about going back...I mean, I like taking everyday pics, but do I really want to take pics of things like - for example - my tax return? blech. ;)
    Love your page, as always. The confetti is cool!

  5. Great LO! I especially love the confetti circle.

  6. I thought I would just share my March layout with you. I used a Sketch Support sketch for the layout.