Monday, March 23, 2009

Looks like Spring and some Studio Calico sneaks

Look what we picked up on Saturday!

The yellow one is Payton's. FlowerBelle. The little black one burying it's head is Morgan's. Princess. And MINE is the cute multi-colored one. That's Henny Penny.

We have a couple of acres and we are now officially a little farm. We've been wanting to try our hand at growing our own eggs since we moved here, but it wasn't until Steve and his fire buddies decided to all do it together and do a traveling Coop building party that we decided to take the plunge. The chicks have to be inside for several weeks in a box under a heat lamp, so in the next few weeks the guys will get their coops built. We have raccoons trying to steal Cooper's food all the time, so we need to make sure to have a quality, CUTE coop built for these little ones.

Let's just all hope they are girls! We have no idea! And my sister said that our luck, Princess will turn out to be a rooster. That's totally us. This has happened to us before, with Princess Goldie, our male Beta fish.

I'm sure the girls will have a lot of fun with them. Payton's baby blanket has already been pooped on after an attempt at swaddling. good grief. I'm excited for when they go. Outside.

We are also getting 5 steers this week. Yes, we raise them yearly. Yes, they go into the freezer. We usually get two but this year we are bouncing them between a couple of properties, so we decided to go with five. I think they are all Angus. So anyway... it is a country life for us.

To satisfy your cravings for all things Studio Calico, I have a couple of sneaks to share with the April kit. I'm sure you'll have a hard time guessing what the subject was of my first sneak. And you'll also notice that I took inspiration from the very first Studio Calico kit for my title on this one.

Did you see that new alpha stamp set? Yep. That's an SC exclusive.

Have a great day!

P.S. I'll post the winner of that delicious Upper Crest punch for my February Project 12 challenge here in a sec.



  1.!? i forgot to upload my Feb Project 12 Challenge...hope its not too late.

  2. Beautiful sneaks! I know everyone raved over last month's kit (which I loved), but this one is stacking up to be my fav! Hoping to get one (or 3, lol) addons! We live on 13 acres and have talked about getting some little chicks. Maybe net year.

  3. Love those sneaks and the cute chicks!

  4. Aww, what cute little chickies! I love the look of your sneaky peak!

  5. haha, we're talking about chickens too. probably not this year, but maybe next. let me know how it goes

    love your sneaks, too

  6. the chicks are so cute so does your sneaks!

  7. Wow!!! Those chicks are soooooooooooo cute!!!

    and the sneaks are awesome!

  8. awesome sneaks D! and my girls squealed in delight when they saw the first pic.. LOL..

  9. Love the sneaks! We had chicks last year they are fun and the kids loved it. Make sure you have a really good lock on the coop especially with racoons they are tricky little buggers that can get into almost anything.WE learned our lesson about coops after they snatched our first few chicks.Have fun and enjoy the country livin.

  10. Wow! Cute chicks! There is no way I could raise all of those animals and do all you are! LOL! Love the sneaks, and I am hoping the alpha stamps are in the main kit!

  11. Love the sneaks... I just completed a couple Lo's with the March Kit!!!!! What cute little chickiessss!!!! Have a great day!!!

  12. Sweet on those adorable baby chicks. We used to raise bunnies and our girls so loved them!
    I always love to see your Studio Calico creations so the sneaks are great!

  13. Such AWESOME sneaks! Love reading your blog too! Super cute! xoxo
    Love ya,

  14. OMG that is so cute!! Love the bunnies :)