Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dear Toth Fare

The Who's Who kit is live!  Looks like all the add-ons are still available (Dear Abby is my fave this month, FYI). 

One of the layouts I made this month utilizes the main kit from Metropolitan, so I thought I'd share it in it's entirety first.

Last month one of my layouts was about *my* traumatizing experience at the dentist with Morgan as she had four teeth yanked out. 

This month I did a layout about what she and Payton did the night before the "toth fare" arrived.  I walked into the kitchen to find the two of them with their art supplies out, feverishly writing notes and drawing pictures for the little waif.  It was so cute.  Crazy too.  They hid under the tables at Disneyland when the princesses came to visit, run from Chuck E. Cheese, and the Red Robin, but were completely bedazzled by the idea of the tooth fairy.   

Morgan's letter to the "toth fare" read: 

My girl had her four teeth in two treasure chests,  There were so many and they were so large it took two. 

Not to be left out, how dare we even consider it, Payton had her own letter to write.  She asked for help at first, but then got tired of it so she dictated the rest:

The next morning, amongst the pile of (Pink Paislee....  ) Pixie Dust was a gold coin, a balloon, and a card from the tooth fairy.  Inside it read:

This isn't her mama's handwriting.  The tooth fairy has different A's.  (wink, wink). 

I knew I needed to save all of this and document it in a layout for sure. The icing on the cake was when Payton came up to me later and asked if she could touch the fairy dust.  When I said yes she dashed to the kitchen and then came dragging her feet back, upset because "Mom, I touched the dust but I didn't fly". 

Oh my.

As for the design of this layout, when I saw the two kits with these two different KI pockets, I knew I wanted to use them together.  The big one was for the letters, of course, but I thought it would be fun from a design perspective to use the little one on the opposing page.  I started with the SC paper from the main kit this month, but only used one piece.  I trimmed out the middle, @10x10, and then used it inside the big KI pocket.  I then stitched the kraft over the top of the pattern on the first page.  An easy an economical way to stretch a single piece of paper to a 2 pager layout. 

I also trimmed four tags and used them to represent the four teeth that were pulled.  The little fairy (or fare, I guess)?  I photo copied her from Morgan's artwork and trimmed her out.

This isn't the fanciest of layouts, but what fun it will be to look at in the future with those little notes and artwork from my girls too.  LOVE that.

Now what am I up to?  I'll tell you what.  When Morgan had x-rays of her teeth, there was nothing happening.  But I swear to Pete, in the last week, a bottom tooth has decided to make it's way North, and she has a loose tooth up front down below.  Good grief!

That leads me to my next project:

This is soon to be a butterfly fairy princess tooth pillow.  I thought it would be fun to make, and a fun thing to save for her hope chest.  She wants to help me make it which will be fun too.

Mama better get on it, though.  These teeth are falling out faster than anticipated, lol.  I'd best get started on Payton's butterfly fairy cowgirl ballerina while I'm at it.  :)

I'll be back later with the rest of my kit work!  Davinie


  1. That is so cute--the fairy here brings gold coins too. Guess inflation has hit the fairy world too, LOL!

  2. Ah, love your layout. Beautiful style xx

  3. Awww.. such a sweet story...and such a fun layout!!! Thanks again for the inspiration girlie!! (yup.. it's been waaaaay too long since I took the time to blog-hop a little bit.. hehe) XOXO

  4. Anonymous12:45 AM

    Oh Davinie I just love everything about this story.
    You are SUCH a good mum, you truly are.

  5. Ha, that is adorable! And great use of those pockets!!

  6. I love Studio Calico and giveaways!!!